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Thursday, September 25, 2008


Last Saturday Ricky and I saw a new show at the American Theatre Company. Created by a member of the Tectonic Theatre project (the folks who did Laramie Project), The People's Temple tells the story of Jim Jones and his followers from the point of view of the survivors. It is a beautiful, well-done show and I think anyone in the Chicago area should go see it before it closes this weekend. The actors are amazing, the story is so moving and there were very few dry eyes by the time it was done. It is an inspiring piece of theatre.

Sunday we hosted a a calling party for MoveOn.org. During this party our guests called other MoveOn members and encouraged them to volunteer for the Obama campaign. When you sign up to host one of these parties MoveOn sends an email out to all members in your neighborhood, so not only was the party good for Obama, it was also a great way for us to meet some our neighbors. We had folks from all ages come to our party, but I was especially excited by the 3 high school students. They aren't even old enough to vote, but they are trying to make a difference. It was really inspiring.

Today I had lunch with a friend from Nashville who is in town. For the sake of privacy I won't give you details, but I will say she's going through some major life changes right now. As we talked at lunch I was amazed at how joyful she was despite the upheaval in her life. She is truly handling her life and everyone in it with such grace. Being around her reminded me of how joyful and full of grace I should be. She's truly inspiring.

Hmmmm, what do the events of the last week have in common????


Nilsa S. said...

That MoveOn party sounds like a great way to connect not only with neighbors, but with neighbors who have similar points of view as you. Nice job!

Camily said...

Hey! I've been out of it --I think it's allergies or something, but I'm foggy in the brain and haven't blogged or checkede up on you. I've missed you, friend!

Love you!