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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I know, I know. I've been MIA for a while. Sorry. I have no real excuses, no exciting whirlwind adventure that kept me away from my computer. Just laziness.

And because I'm lazy instead of doing several posts, y'all are getting a bullet-point, random post filled with all sorts of odds and ends.


  • I just noticed that my Weather Pixie is wearing a coat! I'm so excited her outfit has changed; I was getting a little sick of her summer/fall clothes. However, her coat is a little Matrix-ish. I wonder if she can do that backwards bend....
  • As I mentioned in my last post oh-so-long ago, we did go see Hubbard Street perform and the show was A. MAZ. ING! All of the pieces were so great, but the last piece, Minus 16, was truly a showstopper. The piece is chaotic and energetic and even involves the audience at one point. After seeing it, I understand why it is such an audience favorite and I can't wait to see it again! (FYI--if you are ever at a Hubbard Street performance where Minus 16 is being performed don't go outside during intermission. The piece actually begins DURING intermission and you don't want to miss a second of it!)
  • We also saw Dave Davinci Saves the Universe at House Theatre. Eh. Didn't love it, didn't hate it. The concept was neat, the script interesting, the technical aspects really strong, but the 2 leads were not great. I felt like they held the story back. The play is kind of futuristic/time travel/romance/sci-fi. It's out there and in order for the audience to buy into it we have to buy into the actors. Sadly, we did NOT buy into the leads. It was a shame really because the rest of the cast was good. Joshua Holden, who plays a C-3PO robot kind of character, was really good. I could have watched him onstage the entire show; his physicality was so believable.
  • Ricky and I spent this past weekend at a lovely little inn in Saugatuck, MI. The Belvedere Inn was beautiful and so relaxing and we so enjoyed exploring the quaint towns of Douglas and Saugatuck. Ricky has been working so hard lately, it was good to get away and have a weekend with no computers, no TV, little to no cell service. We'll definitely be back!
  • Only a few of you have become followers of mine. This makes me sad. I promise you that there will be no weird cult activity involved in being a follower of mine. No polygamist marriages or drinking of Kool-Aid. And in return I'm happy to be a follower to anyone who has that little gadget on their blog. (Yes, I'm a sheep.)

Well, I think that gets us all caught up for now. I'll try not to stay away so long in the future.

But I make no promises!


Anonymous said...

You were in SAUGATUK? *you have to sing saugatuk, by the way* Thats one of our artsy communities! The Barn theatre, man!
i can't follow you cause i am not a google blogger...so discriminatory...

Lucy said...

We really loved Saugatuk. Our inn was right across the street from the Barn Theatre. Sooo cute!!

Are you near Saugatuk? (Sorry, I don't know my MI geography.)

Anonymous said...

No, but I often do children's theatre out there...I am closer to Canada. 45min out of Detroit.
I was just in Bolingbrook, Romeoville and Joliet, IL...Just got home an hour ago, actually!