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Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Let's talk about the DMV, shall we? Ricky and I set out on Monday to get our IL licenses and WOW! It was quite the experience. You really see a little bit of everything and everyone there--smart people, not-so-smart people, fashionable folks, men in shorts and black socks (I saw him, I swear!), gangster, lawyers--EVERYTHING!

After about an hour wait I was called back to take my written test. I sailed through it pretty quickly and made a 100, but there were some folks there who were really struggling. It made me sad and scared at the same time. Sad that they were having such trouble, but scared that these folks would soon be on the road with me!!

After the test it was time for the taking of the picture. Ahhhh, the drivers license picture. Is there anything worse?

I sit down in front of the camera and Mr. DMV says "on the count of 3" and then he counts to 3. I'm smiling one of those uncomfortable smiles that doesn't really go all the way up to your eyes. When the man gets to "3" I wait...and I wait...and nothing happens. I keep the smile, but I raise my eyebrows in a kind of "what's going on" expression.

And that's when the camera flashes.

Mr. DMV scolds me for moving (ummm, hello, you said on the count of 3. It was more like the count of 8!), but then he looks at the computer (which I can NOT see) and says that the picture is actually okay.

Fine, whatever.

A few minutes later I am handed my new drivers license. I head out the door, happy to be done, and then I look down at my license.




It's awful. I have the fake half-smile thing going on, but the worst part is the raised eyebrows. I look shocked like someone jumped out and yelled "SURPRISE!" right as they took the picture.

This license doesn't expire for another 5 years and since the DMV is such a non-fun experience I'm going to spend the next 5 years in a perpetual state of shock.



Jackie S said...

LMAO!!! This post just makes me miss you so much! I can see the facial expressions and the hand/arm movements in my head! You crack me up!


Lesli said...

My Wisconsin license is good for 10 whole years and I am not crazy about my picture--plus my hair is so much darker that people always do a double take when I am getting carded. But then they say, oh, but that is definitely your smile. I think it is odd that you can have the same license for 10 years because people change in that time--their hair color (especially mine) could be totally different!