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Thursday, November 13, 2008


As I've mentioned previously I have a thing for corny commercials. However there is a series of stupid commercials out right now that drive me UP. THE. WALL!

I'm sure you have all seen the Glade candle, air freshener, spray, etc. commercials where the main character tries to convince people she's fancier than she is.

I truly hate them. Why is she such a liar?

"Oh, it's a French boutique candle." (Nope, it's Glade.)

"I cleaned all day." (Actually she just sprayed Glade air freshener.)

"I'm at the spa." (She's in her tub with a Glade candle burning nearby.)

If she's lying about candles and air fresheners, what else would she lie about? Is she spreading gossip about her friends behind their backs? Is she cheating on her husband? Perhaps with one of her friend's husbands????

Why do her friends and family continue to put up with her lies?

(As you can tell, I have entirely too much time on my hands, but seriously, these commercials? SUCK!)

Here's my advice--Friends and family of the liar, kick her ass to the curb and Glade, come up with a commercial that's not so damn annoying.


Lola said...

Yeah, if she's lying about that stuff, she also has new clothes and shoes hidden in bags under her bed and tucked away in the closet with the tags ripped off. That way 2 months after the purchase when she wears the item she can legitimately say 'oh this old thing? I've had this for awhile'.

How do I know this trick? Because my sister uses it on her husband all the time. Frankly I don't know why she bothers. They are married, but have separate checking accounts and split the mortgage and utilities 50/50. She's spending HER money, I say whatever she spends it on is her business. Now, if they POOLED their money, like normal married people do, then yes, I would have a problem with that.

And the obviously store bought pie next to the Glah-day candle. Please! Anyone knows the difference between storebought and home made.

Don't put yourself down....I way too much time on my hands too.

Exile on Runnels Street said...

I can hear the public service announcement now:

[Narrator in very serious, very grave voice]:

"Lying about air freshners. The gateway drug to adultery and excessive shoe purchases."

Lucy said...

The PSA is seriously the funniest thing I've heard (read) all week!

LOVE it!

Camily said...

That's why I have tivo--so I can fast forward through it all. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that it's actually a love/hate relationship for you. Where would you be if you couldn't entertain yourself like this?

BTW, you'll never guess who popped into my head last night. I was talking to a friend about high school, so naturally, you were in the conversation--and then I thought of HER. Do you remember S.W.? The person who really caused your wreck in the RBH b/c she was going to throw her coke on your car? How funny.

Anonymous said...

That's funny, cause I watch that commercial and think, "That chick must be rolling in the dough! She's got a steady gig doing dumb glade commercials! She could probably bank roll her own projects now!"
I was thinking like a jealous actor as opposed to a good writer ;)