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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Since moving to Chicago I've had to invest in wardrobe essentials that were not needed in Nashville, TN. For instance, I'm now the proud owner of a big, puffy coat. (I look like a walking tootsie roll in it, but it's a small price to pay when it's beyond freezing outside!) I have ear muffs, hats, a variety of scarves and gloves. I also have some fantastic warm, water-proof boots.

When we first moved here I thought I would get Uggs. I've had fake Uggs for years, but had never felt the need to shell out the money for the real ones as I wasn't wearing them for warmth; I was wearing them because they were cute. Once we got to Chicago though I decided that maybe it was time for the real deal as they would keep me warmer than my Target knock-offs.

But then a friend introduced me to Bogs. These boots are FAN. TAS. TIC! They are water-proof, I feel really secure when walking over slick spots and they will keep feet warm in up to 40 below degree weather.

But that's not the best part. Nope, the best part is that Bogs come in all sorts of cute designs. I picked the design above. Cute, right? And they look damn good with the tootsie roll coat!

You can find Bogs at Zappos.com. (And no, I didn't get anything for this glowing review!)


Camily said...

OK--those are so cute! (And I love your pregnancy pro and con post!) If it wasn't already 70 degrees here, I'd order some. Although, it will probably be 45 this weekend. So cute!

Lesli said...

I have the real Uggs and I can vouch that they really do keep your feet warm in sub-zero temps. Thank goodness for sheepskin. And ear muffs are the best invention ever!

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