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Friday, January 16, 2009

Long time no see...

As my BFF so kindly pointed out in an email this week, I have not posted since Christmas! (Actually it wasn't that kind. It was more a "where the hell are you" kind of email, but whatever.) I had every intention to post sooner. In fact, one of my New Year's resolutions was to blog more. As you can see I'm real good with the resolutions.

Anyhoo, I have a myriad of excuses for why I have not been around--we've had a ton of company starting Dec. 12 and just ending this past Saturday, I was sick right after Xmas and now I have a cold, it's been too damn cold and all I've wanted to do is curl up on the couch under a blanket, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. (To be read like Yul Brynner in the King and I.)

Like I said, lots of excuses.

But I am now back and in order to get us all caught up I thought I would do a quick run-down of the last month or so.

So introducing (in no specific order) the highlights of the last month of my life...

  • Good friends, CS and DW, coming to visit from Nashville mid-December. The main reason for their trip was that DW wanted to surprise CS with tickets to Wicked. It was so fantastic seeing them and to get to be a part of CS's surprise. She was shocked! Also, while they were here, CS and I took part in a very scientific experiment (holding a ring on a string over my stomach) to determine if the baby is a girl or boy. This experiment says girl. What do YOU think???
  • Family coming to visit for Xmas all the way from TX. Mom, Dad, Sis and Little Man were all here for a week and it was awesome (though the week flew by much too fast!) I have many highlights from that visit alone, so here we go with some sub-categories...
  • --Having lunch at the Walnut Room at the State Street Macy's to celebrate my dad's 60th b-day. The food was great, the tree was beautiful and my dad was SOOO surprised by his gift.
  • --Little Man's visit to Santa at the same Macy's. We got a really cute picture out of it. (When do we not get cute pix of Little Man though???)
  • --Little Man's 1st ride on the train. We all got on and there were no available seats so Ricky held tightly onto Little Man's hand and shoulder to keep him standing securely. The train took off and Little Man reached up and grabbed on to the pole like he had been riding the El forever. Keep in mind he's FOUR! It was adorable!
  • --Having a bunch of TX transplants and new Chicago friends over for a hot cocoa party. It was great having old friends, new friends and family all together just a few days before Xmas.
  • --Getting thrown up on by Little Man. Now, let me clarify--I am NOT glad he got sick, nor did I enjoy being thrown up on. BUT! I was pretty proud of myself for not getting grossed out or thinking about my clothes, my couch, me 1st. He got sick and my biggest concern was him and getting him taken care of. Once that was done, I got myself (and the couch!) cleaned up. I've been around little kids a lot in my life and I've dealt with diapers and all that goes with them, but I've never dealt with throw up. It was reassuring to discover that when you love a kid the love overrides the grossness. Made me feel better about this whole mom thing I have coming up the pike!
  • --All of the WONDERFUL gifts from our family, especially the gifts given to Baby. He/she isn't even here yet, but Baby already has a fabulous wardrobe, library and collection of stuffed animals.
  • Overall, the holiday visit was PERFECT (aside from the throwing up) and I can't wait for them to come back!

Now back to non-family related highlights...

  • A fun New Year's Eve slumber party at our house with our good friends, the Cris's and the Cran's. We all knew each other in Texas years ago. The Cris's got here 1st a few years back, followed by us this summer and the Cran's this fall. So nice to all be back in touch. We had a great time New Year's Eve eating, drinking (they drank, Baby and I stuck to water), playing Trivial Pursuit, trying out the Cran's new Wii (while I suck in real life at bowling, I am a damn good bowler on the Wii!), eating some more, etc. It was a great way to ring in the New Year!
  • More Nashville friends coming to visit last week. Again the main attraction of the trip was seeing Wicked. (How will I entice people to Chicago once Wicked closes? I suppose I'll just have to rely on my many charms!) Again it was great seeing TN folks and catching up on everything going on in Music City.

So that about covers my last month. I hope everyone is having a fantabulous 2009 so far. I promise, pinky swear, cross my heart, etc. to post more often this year. In fact I already have a few topics in mind, so stay tuned to read an interview of me by a blog buddy, find out Baby Ricardo's name and see some great videos of my favorite commercials.

Intrigued, aren't you?


Camily said...

OK, What????? I know you blogged a bunch of great stuff, but YOU A NAME PICKED OUT???? AND YOU THINK YOU CAN JUST SLIP THAT IN AT THE END???? I know typing in all caps is considered rude--whatever. YOU HAVE A NAME PICKED OUT???? AND I DON"T KNOW IT????? YOU had better email ME immediately, missy. (But, if you're one of those people who keeps all this a secret, that's another story).

Camily said...

OK--I just re-read my comment, and obviously what I meant to say was "YOU HAVE A NAME PICKED OUT?????" instead of the "YOU A NAME PICKED OUT???" Just shut up and stop laughing.