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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I've been tagged multiple times on Facebook to do this, so I figured I'd kill 2 birds with one stone and post it here and there! (You may call it lazy, I call it working smarter.)

Rules:Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

1. I am a bit of a germaphobe, especially when it comes to bathrooms. In public restrooms I touch NOTHING and even in my own home, in the bathroom that only I use, I flush with my foot. And then I wash the hell out of my hands!

2. I LOVE Harrison Ford. I was lucky enough to spend Thanksgiving 1996 with his family--his mom and dad, ex-wife, son and daughter-in-law, but no Harrison. That story is one of the coolest and saddest of my life. So close to him and yet so far!!

3. When Harrison is no longer with us (God forbid!), Hugh Jackman will be bumped to the number 1 slot in my "famous men who make me say yum" list.

4. I find the whole gay marriage/gay adoption debate baffling. Love is love is love. What's the big deal???

5. I'm a little hooked on One Tree Hill. Yes, I know the target audience for this show is 14 year old girls and I am NOT 14, but whatever.

6. Prior to meeting Ricky I was in my cynical phase when it came to love. Love was bullshit, I was never getting married, PDA was for suckers, blah, blah, blah. Ricky and I had our 1st date on July 1, 2000. By July 4, I was in love. We've been together 8 years now and I still can't be near him without holding his hand, touching his face, kissing him, something. So I'm now one of those in love, PDA suckers I used to make fun of.

7. Speaking of Ricky, I am so proud of him. Not just because of his career and the work he is doing (although that is pretty awesome!), but also because of WHO he is. Ricky has the kindest heart of anyone I know and when he talks to people he is completely present. I've never met anyone who is so interested in other people and their stories. Ricky really gives of himself and I admire that so much.

8. I, on the other hand, tend to lean more to the bitchy side. I have to remind myself that people aren't out to waste my time, piss me off, etc. I think I'm getting better and becoming a nicer person. (You can thank Ricky for that!)

9. I'm a big Kristin Chenoweth fan. However, her talent is not what initially made me a fan. When I was the education director at a theatre in Texas, she did a master class for my theatre kids and she was so amazingly kind to those kids. Including the 8 year old girl who LITERALLY attached herself to Kristin once the class was over. Kristin hugged on this little girl, L, and talked to her until L's mom arrived to pick her up. From that moment on I was a fan.

10. I am working my way through the roles of Julia Roberts. I have played Shelby in Steel Magnolias twice (1st time loved her, 2nd time wanted her to stop her whining and just BUY a damn baby already!) and Anna in Closer. My friends and I joke that if only someone would make a musical of Pretty Woman I'd be set!

11. The Counting Crows are my favorite band. I love Adam Duritz and his writing. And I love that he is a theatre lover. I sat a few rows behind him at a Broadway show a few years back. It made me happy!

12. While I claim that "serious" movies like Once or The English Patient are my favorites, Dodgeball runs a very close 2nd!

13. I am a 5th generation Disciple of Christ. It is important to me that our baby be raised in the 1st Christian Church as well. She/he may make their own decision as they get older, but when they are young I want them to have that sense of community and friendship that I got from my youth group and Sunday School class friends.

14. If it weren't for unhealthy things like fried chicken or Whoppers with cheese I could totally be a vegetarian. I'm not really a meat lover unless it is something bad for me like the aforementioned fried chicken or Whopper with cheese.

15. Every time I see Bernadette Peters in concert I cry as soon as she steps foot on stage. (Yes, I am a theatre dork!)

16. I have read (and continue to read) Little Women more times than I can count.

17. I have known my BFF since we were 12. However we did not become BFF's for a year or so, because we hated each other. I don't remember why. She says I started rumors about her. As I mentioned in #8, I lean towards bitchy, even back then, so it's not entirely impossible.

18. I have been known to curse like a sailor. I find bad words to be so descriptive. Ricky and I had not been dating for very long when I said something offensive to which he replied "You're so pretty, but then those words come out of your mouth." My response? "You better fucking get used to it!" I guess he did. :) I will say I'm working on it though as I don't want Baby's 1st words to be fuckity fuck fuck.

19. On the Baby front, I am so excited about this little one and also absolutely terrified that I am going to fuck...ahem, I mean, screw this whole parenting thing up.

20. The week before I got married my family and I stayed in the bed and breakfast where Oprah stayed when she was in Amarillo being sued by the cattlemen. This was after she had been there, of course, but we would go into the room she used (my aunt and uncle's room at the time), point at various items and say "This is where Oprah slept, this is where Oprah peed, this is where Oprah took a shower, etc."

21. I am healthier right now--eating well, working out--than I have been in years. It's amazing what being responsible for another little life will inspire you to do.

22. I'm not an animal lover. I blame it on the fact that I'm highly allergic so most animals make me sick. That's true, but also I just don't see their charm. They stink, they lick themselves in inappropriate places, they eat their own poo--nope, don't see the charm.

23. I will be a ballerina in my next life. I love being a theatre person this go-round, but I regret that I didn't take more dance.

24. I have more purses than I know what to do with. And I'm always on the hunt for another one.

25. My nephew, Little Man, is the most delightful, charming, loving little boy I've ever known. He kisses on us all the time. He sings non-stop. When he's been away from his favorite stuffed animal for any amount of time--2 minutes, 2 hours, whatever--he picks it up, kisses it's nose and sings the Barney song to it. (I love you, you love me, etc.) I pray my child has the same wonderful heart.

Instead of tagging specific people, I tag everyone who reads my blog. I've gotten a lot of traffic lately and I want to know who you lurkers are. You non-lurkers, I want to know more about you. Leave me a comment and let me know if you've taken on the challenge!


Lesli said...

I will do this too eventually. I have also been tagged on Facebook for this. Just need to do it!

Miss JC said...

Cool facts! I just found you via a friend's blog. As for #5, I'm a fourth generation Presbyterian, so I know exactly what you mean! My sister's kids were all baptized in the Presbyterian church, and it was SOOO cool thinking about how their great great grandparents were baptized in the same "church" when they were younger.

Melodie said...

Oh my goodness!!! HI! Because of your blog...I now need to hear the Mr. say Luuuucccyyyy in a thick hispanic accent! :) P.s. we miss you guys!

Camily said...

OK, well it may take me a day or two, but I'll random the crap out of my blog as well.
As for baby, I hope his/her first words aren't fuckity fuck fuck (even though when I read that I laughed out loud).
And, as for the BFF part, since I am the aforementioned BFF, I can say that it WAS because you started rumors about me (that I colored my hair--gasp!, which really, what's the big deal? I can't live without Medium Auburn Brown now!)
I love you!

Anonymous said...

ok, only YOUR cool 25 could inspire me to knock mine out after being tagged for years on this one. Its on my FB as well as my Myspace blog