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Saturday, January 17, 2009

What's in a Name?

After watching the pregnancy test turn positive, Ricky and I hugged. We cried. We laughed. We stared at each other in shock and amazement. And then I sent him out in the rain (poor man!) to buy What to Expect When You're Expecting and a book of baby names. Always the overachiever, he came home with a book that has OVER 60,000 baby names in it.

At first glance I thought "how in the world do you pick a name out of 60 THOUSAND? That's too many choices! I'm overwhelmed."

And then I started flipping through the book. And I stopped being overwhelmed.


The majority of the 60,000 names are CRAP! Names like Bacchus, Chamois, Rockney, Daisy Boo.

Wait. What?


Okay, that is bad and silly and yet catchy all at the same time. So since October our little peanut has been called Daisy Boo.

Now we're not actually going to name the baby Daisy Boo, plus we don't even know if it's a girl. (If it's not, I hope we haven't already caused irreparable damage by calling him Daisy Boo!) But this is what the baby is being called for right now and it's catching on. Daisy Boo received Xmas gifts with the card made out specifically to Daisy Boo. I have friends who leave Daisy Boo messages on my Facebook page. Daisy Boo is sweeping the nation.

In February we find out if Daisy Boo is actually a Daisy Boo and if it is not, I'm sure this book will help us find some other silly nickname for our child. We'll keep you posted.

P.S. Can anyone guess the celebrity who did actually name their child Daisy Boo? I don't have any kind of prize for you, but you will get the satisfaction of being very celebrity savvy!


Anonymous said...

Have you seen/read Christopher Durang's BABY WITH THE BATHWATER? They have a baby in the play and name him Daisy. They don't want to "impose a gender identity" on him at birth! Funny play!
I thought I might name my kid gingivitis...gingi for short...which is why it is good I am NOT having kids....

Lucy said...

I LOVE Baby with the Bathwater. All of my theatre friends immediately make that connection when I tell them about Daisy Boo. So funny!

I think Gingi is kind of cute!

SoMi's Nilsa said...

Daisy Boo? Seriously? What is wrong with our country?!?

baby names list said...

I will check this February if your peanut is a Daisy Boo..great name:D