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Saturday, February 14, 2009

I love Ricky!

As Ricky's birthday was 2 days ago and today is Valentine's, it seemed like a good time to put pen to paper...um....fingers to keyboard and list some of the many reasons I adore this man.

This post is about to get gushy. Those of you with a weak stomach might want to walk away now.

1. I love his sense of humor. It is often silly or even a little bit geeky, but there is something about the twinkle in his eye when he thinks he's being funny that I can not resist. He made me laugh the 1st time I met him and he's kept me laughing for more than 8 years.

2. The man has great legs. Seriously, they are quite cute.

3. When I talk to Ricky, he really listens. I never feel like I'm being given a perfunctory answer to shut me up. Even when I'm discussing something as trivial as my latest shade of pink lip gloss he listens, he checks out the new lip gloss, he responds. I'm sure in the back of his head he's thinking "what the hell do I know about this lip gloss?" but if it's important to me, it's important to him.

4. He also really hears me when I'm sad. Any time I cry (which is a lot lately. Damn you, pregnancy hormones!) he really wants to know why I'm sad. I know a lot of men get impatient with tears and expect their women to suck it up. Ricky holds me until I'm better and no matter how silly or serious the reason for the tears he respects it.

5. Ricky spoils me rotten! Now, I know that things are not the key to a good relationship and we definitely have more between us than things, but it is nice to have a man who would like to get you everything your little heart desires. Not that we can afford everything my little heart desires (hello, hot pink Birkin bag!) but the drive to do so is nice.

6. Wow, does he take care of me! At the beginning of this pregnancy when I was so sick, he would work an 8-10 hour day, go to the grocery store EVERY DAY in the attempt to find me something that wouldn't make me sick (what worked on Monday often didn't work on Tuesday, hence all the time at the grocery store!), come home, make me dinner, cuddle with me, tuck me in and then stay up into the wee hours cleaning the house or doing laundry. Now that I'm feeling better, I'm carrying a little more weight around her (literally and figuratively) but my new back pains still keep me from doing certain chores like the dishes. So he does them. And he doesn't complain. And when he comes home to find a messy house and a wife who has not gotten off of the couch all day his response is that he knows I'm busy making a baby. See? He spoils me in bigger and better ways than just shopping.

7. He has yet to miss a doctor's appointment. Other than the 1st appointment where everything was confirmed and the couple where we've had ultrasounds, most of my appointments have been pretty routine. But he has taken time off from his incredibly busy job and been at every one. He has all of my future doctor's appointments on his calendar and plans to be at them as well. He's already so involved with this baby and I love that.

8. Ricky and I have 1 niece and 3 nephews ranging in age from 5 - 16. I love the way he loves them. He plays with them, listens to them, supports them, enjoys their company. He is going to be such an amazing father.

I could go on and on but I should stop before we all go into sugar shock! As you can see, I've snagged a really great guy and I am incredibly grateful and lucky to have him in my life.

(But don't worry if you think this makes him sound too good to be true. There are definitely times when I want to smother him with a pillow while he sleeps. But we'll save those for another post!)

Happy Valentine's Day!