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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Name Game

The day after Ricky and I discovered that Daisy Boo was in all actuality Little Ricky I spent the entire day going through our baby name book. Out of 60,000 names I came up with a list of 45 or so. When Ricky got home from work he went through the list and cut it down to 30 something, I then went through the list and cut it down to around 20. This continued back and forth until we were down to just 3 names.

At this point there was one name that kept jumping out at me. Ricky and I discussed the pros and cons of each of the finalists and ultimately ended up with the name that had been calling to me from the start. As I am trying to preserve a bit of anonymity on this blog, I won't tell you what that name is, but I will tell you this.

Our baby's initials spell BOO! Seeing as he started out his little life being called Daisy BOO, this feels a bit like a full circle moment to me.

(We do have a blog set up for the baby where I will reveal his name, so if you don't already have the link to that site leave me a comment with your email. So much for anonymity, huh?)


SoMi's Nilsa said...

That's really exciting the two of you agree on a name. Oh the stories I've heard when that doesn't go so well. Speaking of, we ran into a fellow dog owner last night who said he and his girlfriend couldn't agree on a dog name. They wound up naming their dog Cabbage because it was the only thing they could agree on. ?!?! Hopefully your son isn't going to be named Broccoli. hahaha. Hit me up on FB with the new blog (pretty please!).

Bobby said...

Lucky you. We have 2-3 weeks to go and we still can't agree. We did agree on one for about 4 days, but he's threatening to throw it out so we may be back to square one. And, I am so totally a Lucy fan! I recently posted one of my favorite Lucy clips on my blog...