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Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar Highs and Lows

(Let me apologize before you start reading this for the funky formatting. I've played with it, but for some reason once I add pictures to a post I'm no longer allowed to double space anything. Please forgive how everything runs together.)
Oscar Highlights
1. Hugh Jackman, Hugh Jackman, Hugh Jackman! Other than the clunky song and dance number with Beyonce (more on that in a minute!) I thought he did a great job. He's multi-talented (loved the opening song and dance number). He's well-spoken. He's witty. He exudes charm. And my God, look at him! The man is HOT!

2. Penelope Cruz's vintage dress. There were many lovely ladies in lovely gowns last night (Anne Hathaway, Sarah Jessica Parker, Marisa Tomei), but Penelope Cruz and her dress outshone them all. One word--STUNNING!

3. Meryl Streep flexing her muscles when Hugh Jackman (jokingly) accused her of being on steroids. I love how funny and gracious she is. Despite being a "serious" actress she's never let it go to her head or ruin her sense of humor. (Take notes, Gwyneth Paltrow!)
4. Jerry Lewis's speech. Oftentimes these lifetime achievement/humanitarian awards are a little painful to watch as the recipient rambles on and on incoherently and the audience squirms and pretends to be interested. Quite honestly I expected the same thing from Jerry Lewis. But he kept it short, sweet and to the point. Nicely done, Mr. Lewis!
5. Heath Ledger's win. Very deserved and very touching.
6. Steve ("Don't fall in love with me!") Martin and Tina Fey. What a perfect comedic pairing. I know these two are married to other people but I just want them to hook up and have a slew of hilarious children together.
7. The group of announcers for each acting nominee. I know it's getting mixed reviews, but I liked it. I felt like it put the focus on all of the actors as opposed to the usual rush through the list of names to get to the winner. This way each nominee got his or her own special moment whether they won or not. Nice.
8. Speaking of their special moment, I loved Anne Hathaway's reaction to all of the wonderful things Shirley MacLaine said about her. Anne Hathaway is what all young Hollywood should aspire to. (Sorry, Lindsay Lohan.)
9. The adorable Slumdog Millionaire kids. When everyone assembled onstage for the best picture award I could not take my eyes off of these adorable, beaming children! The Oscar techies could have killed all of the lights in the theatre and those kids' grins would have lit the place up! So cute!
And now for the lows....
1. The aforementioned clunky dance number with Beyonce. I get what they were going for, but it just didn't quite get there. And if I can be especially tacky for a moment, did Beyonce look a little...um...curvier than usual? Don't get me wrong--she's a beautiful girl and definitely in better shape than I am, pregnant or not, but I'm not on the Oscars in a red, spangly leotard either!! Just sayin.
2. All the young "stars" who either presented or walked the red carpet. Seriously? What the fuck were Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Miley Cyrus and Robert Pattison doing in the same BUILDING as Meryl Streep, much less on the freakin' Oscar stage???? Me no likey.
3. Philip Seymour Hoffman's knit cap. I know, I know, Mr. Hoffman. You're quirky and weird; we get it. But you are also at the Oscars. COMB YOUR HAIR!

4. Mickey Rourke's hair. I know, I know, Mr. Rourke. You're troubled and dark; we get it. But you are also at the Oscars. COMB YOUR HAIR!

5. Clapping during the memorial montage. This has always bothered me. I know some stars are more beloved than others (Sydney Pollack and Paul Newman were this year's popular kids judging from last night's applause), but all the other dead folks have friends and family watching the show too. It just feels disrespectful to me. "Oh yeah, some producer guy died but I've never heard of him so it doesn't matter." I'm sure it matters to someone. I say if you clap for one, you clap for all. And you keep it at the same level for everybody--producer, lighting guy, key grip or big star.

6. Losing the Oscar pick game to Ricky! This annoys me on many levels. One, I'm very competitive and I hate to lose! (Think Monica on Friends. Now multiply it by at least 10.) Secondly, Ricky knows NOTHING about pop culture whereas I can quote entire episodes of Seinfeld, tell you random meaningless shit like stars middle names, list whole resumes for some actors. Seriously, none of my friends will play Pop Culture Trivial Pursuit with me anymore, because I always win. I am the QUEEN of pop culture. And Ricky beats me at picking who is going to win what Oscar???? If I weren't pregnant, I would have drank my sorrows away. As it is, I'm just going to have to seethe on this for a while.

Despite my complaints, I felt it was a successful show. What did you think?


Vic said...

Yeah, we were discussing how you can tell how popular or loved someone was by the amount of applause they received during the montage.
Speaking of which, since not all of us have 72 inch screens, it would have been nice if the director had just shown the large screen, so's I could READ THE NAMES! It was nice that they had other pics for the attendees, but I couldn't have told you who some of the pics were, because the name was so small.
And was it us, or did they leave off Heath Ledger?? I told Mimi when it started, "I know who'll be the last one shown". She says "Paul Newman", I say duh, you're right, I was thinking Heath Ledger. Then, I don't think they showed him. Did we miss it?

SoMi's Nilsa said...

We barely watched the Oscar's. They just don't interest me. I don't understand why they feel like they have to choreograph a song/dance number for entertainment when the actual awards themselves are the entertainment people want to see. I'd much rather watch the Red Carpet shows to see what everyone is wearing and then be done with it.

Lucy said...

They did not forget Heath. He died last year right before the Oscars so he was memorialized then. (And he was one of the popular kids last year getting tons of applause. Not that it's undeserved but still...)

Vic said...

Oh ok.
I was thinking it was about this time of the year that he died.

Kyla Bea said...

I just found you through SoMi - great blog!

I second your clapping during the memorial. The differing levels of applause really creeps me out too.

Karen said...

I also completely agree with the clapping during the memorial! That has always bothered me. I feel so bad for the less popular people. Once, THAT made me cry rather than the eulogizing!