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Monday, March 2, 2009

Baby Furniture and Yo Yo Ma

Today's post is going to jump around a bit as I want to tell you about my weekend, but I also need to share a story that is over a month old. Let's work backwards, shall we?

This weekend Ricky and I single-handedly gave the economy quite a boost. Our little car was in the shop last week and when we picked it up on Saturday it was like new. And it cost as much as if it was new. *sigh* Not a fun thing to spend money on, but luckily we were off to spend even more money on...


Little Ricky is now the proud owner of an adorable crib and dresser/changing table. We bought the bedding and artwork for the nursery a couple of weeks ago, so his room is starting to come together. I'll post some pix once everything is pulled together.

We also bought some accessories for my bathroom. For some reason over the last week I got a bug up my bum that I needed to re-do my bathroom. A new (beautiful) shower curtain, new medicine cabinet and some cute accessories later, I am quite happy with it!

Now for the old story. Back in January I was lucky enough to meet Yo Yo Ma and I posted little snippets about it on Facebook and Twitter. People kept asking for the full story and I kept saying I'd post it on my blog. Well, here we are almost 2 months later and (if anyone still cares) here is the Yo Yo Ma story.

Yo Yo Ma was in town playing with the Chicago Symphony in January. Ricky had a breakfast meeting involving some local arts folks and Yo Yo Ma was there, so Ricky met him that morning. That evening Ricky and I headed to the symphony (the performance was amazing!) and afterwards we were invited the party in the green room with some of the symphony bigwigs, performers, etc. (Let me assure you, Ricky and I are NOT bigwigs by any stretch of the imagination, but his job gets us in some cool places.)

We had not been at the party for long when Yo Yo Ma came over to say hi to Ricky. Ricky introduced us and then got pulled away to meet some one else. At this point you would think most famous types would wander off to mingle with other folks. But not Yo Yo Ma!

(I keep writing his full name, because I don't know what else to call him. I can't call him Yo or Yo Yo; that feels presumptuous. And is Mr. Ma right? I don't know!)

Anyhoo, Yo Yo Ma and I were chatting and a waiter came by with a tray of champagne. I refused, but Yo Yo Ma kept asking if I'm sure I don't want some. Finally I told him that I can't drink because we are expecting. Yo Yo Ma then proceeded to have a whole conversation with me about babies!

I talked babies with award winning cellist, Yo Yo Ma! How crazy is that?!?

We even joked that he would have to come back and play for Little Ricky once he's born. Although, Yo Yo Ma did say Little Ricky would probably prefer Baby Einstein music over his music for now.

(He's a brilliant musician and funny! Love it!)

So there you have it--the Yo Yo Ma story. Now I'm an even bigger fan as he's not only a great cellist, but a super nice guy. I refer to him as "my friend, Yo Yo Ma" now. I hope he doesn't mind.


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