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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm Expanding...and I Like It????

Lately I have been the part of a few photo ops--friends in town, a baby shower, mom visiting--stuff like that. And I've noticed myself saying the strangest things.

"Don't stand in front of the baby bump."

"Can you tell I'm pregnant in the picture?"

And the most unusual...

"Make sure you are shooting the baby bump from my biggest side."


I, like most women, have spent my life trying to look skinnier, be skinnier, think skinnier, do EVERYTHING skinnier. And suddenly I'm asking people to photograph the biggest part of me?

Now, let me backtrack a little. I have had skinny times in my life, I have had not-so-skinny times. When I got pregnant I was at a not-so-skinny time and it was stressing me out. In fact, a few days before taking the pregnancy test I had started researching personal trainers so someone could whip my ass into shape.

Knowing that, you'd think this pregnancy would add to my weight issues. Actually it has done just the opposite. I am suddenly quite a fan of my roundness. It has a purpose, a meaning, and I am enjoying this change in shape.

Let's hope I stay this kind with my changing shape AFTER the baby is born!


Camily said...

I LOVE this post! I remember feeling exactly the same way. It's quite a strange feeling. I can't wait to see the bump in person (and I'll try my best not to stand in front of it!)

Melissa said...


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Cassie said...

It's just amazing how when you are pregnant you WANT to emphasize your belly. I was the same way. It is the only time in my life that I actually wanted to show off my belly!

pisceshanna said...

Maybe its because when women are pregnant, its finally OK to be big and that freedom is an amazing feeling! Sad we have to go back to trying to be skinny all the time. Glad you are enjoying it :)