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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Et tu, Clair Huxtable?

We've all seen the Jenny Craig commercials with semi-celebrities talking about their weight loss goals and successes, right?

Kirstie Alley? Didn't quite work out the way she hoped.

Valerie Bertinelli? Looking good these days in her bikini on the cover of People magazine.

It never bothered me to see these 2 doing weight loss commercials. I mean, really. Other than Cheers and One Day at a Time neither of them could really be considered major talents or celebrities any more.

But now Jenny Craig has pulled in someone who IS a talent! They have hired Phylicia Rashad/Clair Huxtable/Broadway star to sell their product!

I have many problems with this.

For one, it's Clair friggin' Huxtable! If she did indeed need to lose weight (which she doesn't!) she would handle it in a dignified, private manner. Not splash it all over TV.

Two, Phylicia Rashad looks great. In the 1st commercial where she talks about wanting to lose weight she doesn't look big at all. Is she a skinny super-model? No. Is she a healthy looking woman? Yes!

Third, not only is she Clair friggin' Huxtable, she's also a Broadway star. These commercials just feel beneath her to me.

Now I know Jenny Craig didn't force her to do these commercials and it's obviously a choice SHE made, but I don't like it. When even super mom Clair Huxtable is telling the world it's time to lose weight, what hope do any of us have for a normal body image?

I can't help wondering what Dr. Huxtable would make of all this.


Atomic Lola said...

I totally agree. Look what the economy is doing to us and our celebrities!

I always wondered what Whoopi was doing when she was advertising for LA Weightloss, I mean, she's Whoopi... did anyone really think of her as someone who needed to lose weight, tone up?

I'm happy these stars want to be healthy and project a healthy lifestyle on all of us, but I don't like the message they end up sending instead... that being famous can't buy you happiness but a drop in the number on the scale can.

But it's not what's on the outside, right? It's what's on the inside that counts.

Veronica Lee said...

Hi and welcome to MBC!

Kelly said...

Couldn't agree more!!! Poor Claire! I'm thinking that Amad did her wrong when they split... I like Amad and all, but I'm still going to blame him. There I said it.

MJ Tam said...

Amen sistah!

Farrah said...

I just wish I could look as good as Valerie in a bikini! :) I haven't seen Mrs. Huxtable yet though.
I totally agree with you though.

Lesli said...

Valerie does look great in her bikini.

Marie Osmond looks good, too--but now I can't even remember which weight loss program she did? Oh, wait Nutri System, right?

Seems like every semi-celebrity or former celebrity is promoting one of the weight loss programs. But I always remind myself they are getting PAID to do Slim 4 Life or Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers or whatever PLUS they have personal trainers & all the time in the world. They SHOULD look good at the end.

Hmmmm, Mrs. Huxtable? I admit I have seen 1 or 2 of her commercials, but haven't really paid attention--but I will now! She does seem like someone who would be above all of that.

Karen said...

Ok, so I'm going to politely and humbly disagree! I can see what you mean about the choice--she's a bona fide Broadway hit lately, and it was surprising to see her. BUT, it's refreshing to see a famous person who admits they struggle like 90% of us. So many stars get skinny and insist its just a fast metabolism or crazy schedule. Like it's magically easy to lose weight! I mean, how many stars have a baby and show up on the red carpet 2 months later, minus 40 lbs? But this is so much more realistic -- that she still needs help shedding a few pounds.

And I agree that she doesn't need to lose a lot of weight, but I have plenty of 'real life' friends who don't NEED to lose weight, but are hoping to shed 10 lbs to feel healthier.

If Clair Huxtable shows up at next year's Tonys looking like Nicole Ritchie, THEN we've got a big problem!!!

Lucy said...

Karen, I do see your point. I guess I'm not too bothered by the fact that she needs help losing weight. It's more the commercials. She just seems like such a classy, talented lady; those commercials seem beneath her somehow. Does that make me sound snobby? :)

I totally agree with you on those super-skinny celebs who claim they just have a fast metabolism. Or when Star Jones claimed her major weight loss was from Pilates. Gimme a break!