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Saturday, May 16, 2009

36 Weeks!

Take a look at the baby ticker to your right--28 days left! I am 36 weeks along today. It seems like we were just finding out about this baby yesterday and now here we are at 36 weeks! Crazy how the time has flown.

We are so ready to meet this little guy; I can only hope these last few weeks fly by as well. Plus, as much as I've enjoyed being pregnant the last few months, I am ready for a few things to come to an end. Like....

  • My incessant clumsiness. Apparently this is common at this stage in pregnancy, but God, is it annoying. I can't walk into a room without knocking something over, spilling something, dropping something (or all of the above.) My comb spends more time on my bathroom floor now than it does in my hands. I somehow managed to send Ricky's cell phone flying across the room the other day when I picked up something off the table that was next to it. I didn't even think I touched his phone, but off it went. And thank God for Tide sticks, because I ALWAYS drop whatever I'm eating--on me, the floor, the couch. I'm truly a mess these days.
  • The constant back and hip pain. Again, a common complaint, but not fun. I feel like an old woman. I guess carrying around another human being will do that to you.
  • The tears. I can truly cry over ANYTHING these days. You like my outfit? I may cry over the compliment. A commercial with a baby comes on? I'm probably going to cry. Ricky is a little late coming home from work? I'm crying because he obviously loves his work more than me or the baby. (He soooo doesn't!) Enough, pregnancy hormones! Leave me alone and let me be sane again!
  • The peeing. All the time with the peeing. Oy.

Despite all of the complaints, I am still enjoying this pregnancy. Our little guy is quite the wiggle worm and I love feeling him pushing and prodding at me every day. I think I may miss that a little once he's here. But I'm sure he will provide me with new things to look forward to and love!

I'd list some of the things I'm looking forward to, but I have to pee.


Meredith said...

Hi Lucy,

I found your blog through suburbanturmoil.com...and what a nice surprise! We have a few things in common!
--I'm pregnant with my first...a boy...due June 12!
--I live in Central Illinois
--Pregnancy has been great, but I'm sooooo ready to see my little guy. I absolutely agree with everything you wrote in this post. (Except back pain...replace it with foot pain, and we're even!)

I promise I'm not a stalker, I just had to comment and tell you how nice it is to see someone on the journey as well. Hope you have a decent night's sleep! :-) Feel free to email if you like.

Lucy said...

Hey, Meredith! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Nice to "meet" someone in the same boat!

I didn't see an email address or link to a blog, so I hope this message gets to you. Good luck with your little guy!

Maki said...

Oh my goodness, how exciting time for you right now!!!! You're almost there and I know the anticipation is hard to handle at times.. Please take care of your boyd and the little one!!!

Meredith said...

See? Pregnancy brain at it's finest. :-) My email is mereberry at gmail dot com. Love to hear from you!

Karen said...

Since you didn't have time to start the list of things you're looking forward to, I'll start it for you: mojitos ;)

Lucy said...

Mojitos! Yes!!!!

And all the fun cheeses I'm not supposed to eat right now--goat, feta, brie, etc.

Now I'm hungry.