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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Little Ricky's Favorite Things

As I just did a contest giving away some of MY favorite things (they are on their way, Mighty M!), I thought it would be fun to share with you some of Little Ricky's favorite things.

Just a warning--some of these things make perfect sense. But others? Well, they are just weird.

This is Sapito (Spanish for frog). He was a gift from my aunt and uncle. My aunt collects frogs and it looks like she is not alone in her love of frogs. Little Ricky enjoys chatting with Sapito while he is getting his diaper changed.

Pinocchio was a gift from a good friend of my mother's. She brought him back to us all the way from Italy. When Little Ricky has a meltdown (not my perfect child!) and nothing else works we go to his room and watch Pinocchio dance. Works every time!

The mobile over his bed is ALMOST as good as Pinocchio for calming him down, but it does not have the 100% track record that Pinocchio does.

(Here's where things start getting weird.) This is the headboard to my bed. When I hold Little Ricky in bed he tries to climb over my shoulder to get to it. I don't know why it is so fascinating to him, but he can stare at it for quite a while.

This piece of art is over Little Ricky's changing table. When he's not chatting with Sapito, he is craning his head around to stare at the animals on this picture. However if I sit him up where he can look directly at the picture he gets mad. Apparently, he only likes looking at it upside down. (I told you he was weird.)

Ricky and I have this candle chandelier over our bed. Little Ricky likes to lay on our bed, stare at it and chit-chat and giggle. I don't know what all they discuss, but there has been many a conversation between the two of them.

(Ignore the fact that one of the candles doesn't match and that we are missing another candle completely.)

And now for the weirdest. This is the inside of my dryer door. The 1st time Little Ricky noticed it I was holding him and pulling some laundry out. Suddenly I noticed him staring at the door and grinning away. When Ricky got home I told him about it and took Little Ricky back to our laundry room to see if it would happen again. Sure enough, more grins. A few weeks have passed now and the dryer door no longer elicits grins, but Little Ricky does still stare at it very intently and tries to climb over my shoulder to get to it. Who knows why.

We try to not watch too much TV around Little Ricky (although he is already very well versed in The Gilmore Girls), but on those days when he won't nap and I have already run through my bag of tricks by noon, we'll pull up Sesame Street on YouTube and watch a few songs. This is his favorite. He has good taste, no?

Hope you've enjoyed this tour of Little Ricky's favorite things. If you have an explanation for some of the weirder ones, I'd love to hear it!!


Andie said...

maybe he's trying to count the dots on the dryer door? I know kids like patterns and bright colors- so maybe he sees patterns in those things and he's trying to figure them out?

MissSearles said...

If his first words are "Oy with the poodles already!!" or he starts wanting "Coffee, coffee, coffee" instead of milk, milk, milk then i think we can presume he has watched too much Gilmoe Girls but until then I think you are safe to teach him and parent him the Lorelai way.
Why? because the Lorelai way is the right way and the only way we know how..."I am Kayak hear me ROAR!!

Nanny Dee said...

I enjoyed learning about Ricky's favorite things -- I love the art work.

He definitely seems to enjoy interesting patterns and shapes -- maybe a future architect or graphic artist?

Valerie said...

Absolutely love the pinocchio!

bettyl said...

All kids are weird, so don't feel bad!

Karen said...

That version of Feist's 1234 is my fave too -- Ricky's got GREAT taste :)

Lesli said...

Ricky's favorite things are really cute. Love the frog and Pinocchio esp. Oh, and the mobile!!