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Monday, September 7, 2009

Lord Help Us!

As most of you know, I am a theatre person--I act, I direct, I sing, I move well (that's the nice way of saying I'm no dancer, but I can pick up choreography and pull it off without looking too awful!) Ricky is also artistically minded--he used to play the flute, he was a dancer back in the day, he has also acted, directed and choreographed and now he's an arts administrator.

Because we are both so artsy-fartsy, we've joked all along that we were probably going to end up with a really sporty kid. We, of course, would be supportive, but we don't really know anything about sports.

We've also laughed that since we are both so liberal politically, Little Ricky will end up being the next Alex P. Keaton, Mr. Republican banker!

Just based on Little Ricky's size, we have decided he's destined to be a football player. He weighed 8 lbs, 7 oz when he was born. Most babies lose weight right after they are born and it takes them a couple of weeks to gain their birth weight back.

Not our kid. He was already back to his fighting weight when he was a week old. A week later, he was up to 9 lbs, 1 oz. Two weeks later it was 11 lbs. And then at 2 months, he weighed 14 lbs, 7 oz.

As you can see he's wasting no time in the growth department. So it makes sense that we think he could be a linebacker.

But just recently he did something that made us think maybe, just maybe, we have a theatre kid on our hands after all.

We stopped by Ricky's work to introduce Little Ricky to some co-workers. Everyone was in the middle of a meeting, so we hung out in the hall waiting for them to finish. Little Ricky started getting fussy, but as the meeting ended everyone clapped and he perked up when he heard the applause.

(Just wait, it gets better.)

At this point we entered the room where everyone was finishing up. Ricky was holding the baby and they were instantly swarmed by all of the folks wanting to meet our guy. Well, Little Ricky's bad mood instantly went out the window. He cooed and smiled and flirted with the huge crowd that surrounded him. He LOVED the attention. Then when everyone left, he looked around like "where is everyone" and immediately burst into tears.

I think we're in trouble.

Dramatic, isn't he?
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Kristi Stevens said...

OH, so cute!

Jacquie said...

Get that kid an agent, I'm telling you!

Vic said...


I had to tell you that my ex and I still call our son "our Alex P Keaton" because despite our best efforts, he turned into a Republican. So.... it can happen... beware!
Glad to see your blog is back!
Benji's a cool kid, with cool parents!

Mighty M said...

What a doll!!!

Camily said...

Holy cow! You're blogging! I love the applause story--so stinking funny! You know, he could play football AND be an actor! Stranger things have happened!

Am I eligible for winning your favorite things contest? I love favorite things!

Contemplations of an Army Wife said...

Ha! Mine does that, too! When we take him to baseball games and the crowd goes nuts, he looks around grinning, kinda like "thanks, guys!". It's killer.

Jess Noel said...

Ha-larious!! Of course he's a theatrical baby! Love it, and LOVE his pics.. He's beautiful :)

Nanny Dee said...

He is so adorable!

You have a great story-telling talent -- I felt like I was there. Very funny. :D