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Friday, October 2, 2009

A Time to Dance?

**Warning! Despite being a post about church, I'm about to be all judge-y.

Ricky and I are looking for a church here in Chicago. We've wanted to find a good church for a while and now that Little Ricky is here, we really want to establish a church family.

Ricky has some not-so-great hang-ups because of the church he grew up in, but I grew up in a wonderful church, a great denomination and have swayed Ricky to my side.

Because I grew up in a great church and because of Ricky's hang-ups, we have to find the perfect church. A liberal church, an open-minded church, an all-inclusive church where everyone is welcome no matter their race, sex, age, sexual preference, etc.

We thought we had found that church recently when we visited and found a very diverse congregation. The sermon was good--about our role as Christians in today's world and what that means for issues like poverty, homelessness, women's and gay rights, etc.

Not only was the sermon timely and well done, but this church really seems to practice what they preach. They have a number of groups working with the homeless, participating in the AIDS walk, partying at Gay Pride, etc.

So what's the problem, you ask?

Liturgical dance. That's the problem.

I HATE liturgical dance. I don't see any reason for it and it always make me uncomfortable.

Add to it that as a musical theatre director I find myself critiquing the performance and it totally takes me out of the church experience.

And it doesn't help that most of the "dancers" are not in fact dancers, so it's not even done well.

(I know, I know, I just said I wanted an all-inclusive church, but if we must do liturgical dance can't we be a little exclusive and only use the people who can dance?)

Despite all of the wonderful things that we really liked about that church, I don't think we can ever go back. The liturgical dance was that bad and cringe-inducing.

So what's a girl to do? I want to be good and go to church. But I don't want to be sitting in church judging people. I'm pretty sure there's something in the Bible about that.


injaynesworld said...

I, too, would draw the line at bad entertainment. You'd think the least they could do would be to hold auditions. Have they never heard of So You Think You Can Dance? Now I'm going to go stalk you on Twitter. ;) - Jayne

Lucy said...

I'm stalking you back! :)

LucyCooper said...

No dancing seems reasonable. I'm not Catholic, but I went to a Catholic funeral once where they swung a smokin' ball of incense that totally choked me up. Church should be easy on all five senses.

Camily said...

OK. Seriously. Bad dancing is bad no matter where you are. I know. I took Modern Dance as a PE in college. It was not pretty.

Lucy said...

How did I not know that you took a modern dance class??? I SUCK at modern dance. It becomes modern flailing when I do it!

newnurseinthehood said...

HOLY CRAP. This is why I have to go to a super-catholic-but-not-actually-catholic church. I commend you for not running away, but this is coming from someone who's frightened if there are no prayer books.
You guys should maybe look at Episcopal churches there- they are cool with teh gays but not with the dancing, that I know of.

tiffany said...

Theology is what my professional degree is in, and I have to tell you, I totally don't get liturgical dance, either!