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Friday, November 20, 2009

A Late Update

Remember this post? The one where I challenged myself (and Ricky) to take a break from ordering take-out and delivery for the month of October? Well, I meant to update you on how that went on November 1, but life got in the way and here we are on November 20.

But never fear! The lack of an update does not mean failure of the challenge. In fact, giving up ordering out was much easier than we expected. It was almost as if we didn't even think about it once we knew it wasn't an option any more. When it was dinner time we went to the kitchen and we cooked. We didn't sit on the couch and wonder what we should order. We just got up and cooked.

And it didn't suck!

Now don't get me wrong. We did cheat. But only twice. For the WHOLE month! Considering we used to order in at least twice a week I consider that pretty damn good. Also, when we cheated, the food wasn't that great which made it easier to get back on the wagon. Perhaps eating more real food made us realize how a lot of restaurant food is just okay.

Now we are more than halfway through November and we have continued to eat in. And it's great. We're eating healthier (because we sure as hell weren't ordering salads!), we feel better, we haven't wasted the groceries we buy. It's great! And of course, we have saved some money.

(Which is a damn good thing, because the medical bills for Little Ricky's birth JUST stopped rolling in. And let me tell you, even with good insurance, babies are EXPENSIVE!

My "favorite" bill (can you hear the sarcasm???) was the one for Little Ricky's room and board.

Ummmm, he roomed with me and I'm pretty sure we paid for MY room and board. Also, I breastfed which means the hospital didn't even have to shell out any formula for him.)

(But I digress.)

So, back to the challenge. We plan to continue the no (or minimal) ordering in. We had also talked about starting a new challenge and cutting back on sweets, but c'mon, people. It's the holidays. We'll try that in the new year!


Mighty M said...

That's awesome! Nice work!! ;-)

injaynesworld said...

Good for you. The amount of money you can save is really amazing and it sounds like you're having some quality together time as you cook. Sounds like a win-win to me.

Tawnia said...

I could stay in if Starbucks would just deliver! You guys will save money, but don't be hard on yourself about take-out you are a new mom who needs rest. It's ok if you don't want to cook all the time. I sure don't:)You spent nine mos cooking that baby, let people bring you food once and awhile:)
Love Tawnia

Karen said...

It actually might not be too bad to keep this challenge up for the rest of the year! With the holiday parties and hosting/going to holiday dinners, there's not too much temptation to order in. Besides, there's always the option of Christmas cookies for dinner ;) Good luck!

Camily said...

I'm proud of you! Our weakness isn't so much take out . . . it's just eating out. But I'm pretty much fine with that! LOL! But I know January will bring some much-needed changes. Love you!