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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Got Germs?

Little Ricky popped his 1st tooth last week and we've had some grumpy days off and on. Then on Sunday he started coughing. By yesterday he had a low-grade fever along with the cough. He slept well last night but when he woke up this morning he coughed A LOT. At this point I decided these were not teething symptoms so Ricky bundled him off to the doctor this morning (I have a cold AGAIN! so Ricky made me stay home. Mean.)

Well, it turns out my little guy has a bad cold as well as possible RSV. We've had to do breathing treatments a few times today, we've sucked the snot out of his nose with the Nosefrida (a GENIUS creation!) and all of that will continue for the next few days.

I tell you all of this not for your pity (although if someone wants to come over and help hold Little Ricky down while we suck his snot, you're welcome to do so!) but so you will be forgiving if the blog posting is light and/or boring this week.

So think healthy thoughts for us and I'll be back when the snot level goes down at our house!

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