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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Things I Love Thursday: Camily Teed Photography

I am not a creative person. Yes, I have my artsy-fartsy theatre side that sings, acts and directs. But scrapbook? Nope. Draw? I can barely write my name, much less draw a recognizable picture. Sew? Buttons....maybe. Take good pictures? Would you like your head cut off????

Despite all of this I somehow ended up with a talented, creative BFF that does all of the above mentioned things. Go check out her latest post and see the adorable outfit she made her daughter. Ridiculous. (P.S. I still want one, Camily!)

And now she has her own photography business and just like every other creative thing she tries, she's great at this too!

At this point I was going to post some pictures she took of Ricky, Little Ricky and me this fall, but blogger has chosen to fuck with me. Bastard.

You can see one of her pictures on this post (the Christmas card picture) and you can go to her site and see more of her beautiful work.

And if you are in the Dallas area and in need of pictures, now you know who to call. You're welcome.

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