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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Monthly Goal Recap: February = FAIL!

Remember this post where I discussed all of the things I wanted to work on this year? And how I said I'd let you all know how I did each month.

Well, let's just say that I hope you like me for my charm and wit and not my ability to follow through with something, because February was a pretty unsuccessful month in the goal department.

In my defense (or as an excuse. Whatever.), Little Ricky was sick TWICE! First a really bad cold, followed by an oh-so-pleasant ear infection. During his illnesses I spent more time than usual cuddling on the couch with him. As you can imagine, I hated every second of that.

I also had a super-fun cold with a cough that lingered for a while, so some of the goals were a little difficult to try.

So enough with the bullshit. Let's recap the goals and see if I worked on ANY of them!

  • Turn off the TV at night--yeah, the Olympics were on, so not so much! FAIL
  • Date night with Ricky once a month--this one actually happened. We went to see American Buffalo at Steppenwolf (starring a good friend of ours!), we planned to see August: Osage County but had to cancel when Little Ricky was sick and we had a nice HOMEMADE (I emphasize this because I want you to be impressed. Go ahead.) dinner on Valentine's Day. So 3 dates planned, 2 fulfilled. SUCCESS
  • No take-out/delivery--ehhh, didn't order delivery all the time, but didn't not order either. WORKS IN PROGRESS
  • Eating/cooking healthier--I feel pretty good about this one. Other than our Valentine's meal of stuffed pasta shells smothered in cheese (have I mentioned I made that??) we've been eating pretty well when I cook. As we still ordered in more than we should our eating hasn't been as healthy as it could have been though. WORKS IN PROGRESS
  • Work out at least 3 times a week--remember how I said this would be the hard one for me? Yeah, never happened. I partly blame the bad cold. But the rest of the blame goes to the fact that I am a lazy ass who hates to exercise. FAIL
  • Go to church more often--February was a bad month for church. I was doing some work for Ricky's job on the weekends and often was busy on Sundays and/or Little Ricky was sick, so no church. Sorry, God. FAIL
  • Socialize with friends at least once a month--now here's one I can actually accomplish! Little Ricky and I went to a few play dates in February and on the grown-up end of things, we had friends over for dinner one night. We also went to American Buffalo with friends so that knocked out 2 birds (or goals) with one stone. SUCCESS
  • Take more time with my appearance when at home--have I mentioned we were sick? FAIL
  • Clean up house before going to bed--we're doing pretty good with this one. It doesn't happen every night, but overall the house has stayed in much better shape this month. SUCCESS
  • Deal with mail as it comes in--I'm getting better about this. I don't deal with it everyday, which is the goal, but every couple of days. A definite improvement from the once of month mail marathon I was doing. WORKS IN PROGRESS
  • Blog every day--well, you all know I haven't done that, but as I wrote about in this post I'm no longer letting myself stress over how often I've blogged. There are definitely more important things. NOT APPLICABLE

So we have 4 FAILS, 3 WORKS IN PROGRESS and 3 SUCCESSES for the month of February. I will continue to work on all of these things and hopefully next month we will see the same successes plus some.

I guess it's time to go take Jillian Michael's Shred out of the box now. Boooo.

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