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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ricky's Birthday Party

Ricky's birthday was about a month ago and I wanted to have a little party for him. We have people over for dinner pretty frequently so while I wanted casual, I also wanted some kind of theme that would make this night different from the other times we have people over.

Of course, I turned to the internet and came across this great idea! A party all about the guest of honor! Fantastic!

We had some of Ricky's favorite food (Flaco's Tacos and cupcakes from Foiled Cupcakes--delish!) We played an All About Ricky game and the winner won a goody bag of his favorite treats (Diet Coke, Cheetos & Snickers--nutritious!) I had stickers made with Ricky's face on them that everyone had to wear and I had random pictures of him posted throughout the apartment.

Somehow I managed to make it through the party without taking any pictures of the delicious food and dessert tables, but here are a few of the shots I did take.

Little Ricky wearing a Ricky sticker and being held by Ricky

One of the Ricky picture banners

Something isn't right about my wedding portrait...

For some reason the male guests were uncomfortable going to the bathroom!

The evening was a great success--good food, good friends, good times!
Now what will I do next year????

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