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Friday, April 23, 2010

Meet My Friends, Part 3

Today, my lovely readers, you are in for a special surprise! Our guest blogger is none other than my BFF, Camily of LaTeedah. We have known each other since junior high and have been through boyfriends, break-ups, deaths of grandparents, weddings and babies together. We have also been through countless bags of Oreos and numerous viewings of Grease. Who could ask for anything more????

Because Camily is so fantastic I, of course, wanted to share her awesomeness with all of you but I must admit I hesitated before I asked her to write a post for me.


Because I was afraid she would do exactly what she ended up doing--sharing oh-so-attractive pictures from my past! (Do I know her well or what??)

So before you proceed I just want to say we grew up in the 80's. In Texas. Big hair was mandatory.


Hey! Hi! How are you? I’m good, thanks. I’m Camily, Lucy’s self-proclaimed real life BFF since we were 13. Yes, that means we’ve been best friends for 16 years now! (Shut up.) When Lucy first asked me to guest blog (because she said she wants her readers to get to know us and see why she loves us), I thought, “Oh how fun! Of course I’ll do it!” And then about 5 minutes later, I started feeling the pressure to be funny. Oh Gawd! Her readers are going to have expectations!

So anyway, I’ve known Lucy for a while now, we’re all grown up, I have a husband, a son who is about to turn 6, a daughter who is about to turn 3, a dog, and a cat. I stay at home with my kids, but also have a photography business and love to make pretty much anything creative. That’s me. You can come on over to my blog and see more of me--don’t worry, I’m not naked, you can just find out more about me if you’re interested.

So, I was thinking about all of these funny, smart topics that I could blog about. But, I have to apologize. I’m not going to do that. Because last night after the kids were in bed, I went through my old pictures and guess what I found?! That’s right! Old pictures of Lucy and I!!!! I know you are thrilled beyond belief and on the edge of your seat right now. Try to contain yourself! So, without further adieu . . .

This first beauty is of Lucy, me, and my Grandmother Irene. I think we were sophomores in high school and I’m pretty sure it was the 4th of July (as you can tell by our totally awesome and hip fashion ensembles). Also, please notice our beautiful perms and big hair, which we rocked!

Next we have a close up of the two of us and our dates, Patrick and Chris. This was not just any date, but our infamous $3 date. It was an assignment from Mrs. Koumalats (who went on to write trashy romance novels under the pen name Jodi Thomas, and yes, they have s-e-x in them!) Again, notice our awesome hair and super-red lipstick! I don’t know how these boys contained themselves.

Then comes our Junior Year (I think). Check out Lucy’s floral beauty. There simply are not words.

Our high school graduation. Lucy’s floral has multiplied and rubbed off on me. I also have on too-white makeup and there is something strange about the way my hair is fixed. Why did I include this picture? Oh right, because check out Lucy’s hair! The perm is gone—this is the beginning of the glamour age!

Now this was sometime in college, as you can tell. We did not go to the same school, but were together at some giant outdoor party where I distinctly remember people eating calf fries (if you do not know what these are, you did not grow up in the Texas Panhandle). Our fashion sense has matured a bit, but the bright red lipstick is still in full force. And, I have no idea who these lucky men are, but look how happy they were!

This is Lucy’s bridal shower. It was wonderful. And we were beautiful. Are you sensing a theme? We were never lacking in self-confidence!

And finally, Lucy’s wedding. So happy! So beautiful! And still with the red lipstick!

I guess some things never change. Lucy has been my very best friend for such a long time, and I wouldn’t trade her for anything. I don’t think. Just kidding. I wouldn’t. So thanks for humoring me and my trip down memory lane! I know I loved it! I hope you did, too! Now, I’m off to buy some new red lipstick.

Looking good, huh? I look at those pictures and can't believe how young we were. I'd love that skin back, but the 80's can keep that hair!! So once you've stopped laughing at some of our amazing hair DON'TS and high fashion outfits, stop by Camily's blog and say hi! Now I, too, feel the need for some new red lipstick!

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