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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Meet My Friends Part One

I read a lot of great blogs. Go check out my blogroll page. It's not just for looks. I read all of those folks and enjoy them all. And I want YOU to get to know and enjoy them too! So starting today, every week or so I will feature a guest blogger--someone from that list that I really enjoy. Some of them are blog friends--folks I've only met through our blogs and comment sections. Some are real life friends that I've known for years.

And that's what today's guest poster is--a real life friend that I have known for over 10 years! She started out as one of my theatre students when I was the Education Director for a theatre in TX, but she quickly became a friend. Besides being a damn fine actress,singer and dancer (she was Marian the Librarian when I directed The Music Man and she ROCKED!), she also writes beautifully and has an amazing spirit.

So without further ado, it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to my dear friend Jess! Enjoy!

Hi! I’m Jess Noel from Philadelphia, PA of Soulful Noel, and I’m so excited to be blogging on Lucy’s page for the day. Ever since she asked me to guest blog, I’ve been thinking about my “voice” as a blogger…which lead to the introspective question, “Why do I blog at all?”

I look at my blog as another outlet to my already highly addictive, life-long habit of journaling. Ever since I could hold a pencil in my chubby kindergarten hand, I’ve been writing my thoughts. When my husband and I moved to Philadelphia, I realized how serious this addiction is because I literally filled an entire cardboard box with notebooks from the past. I just can’t seem to part with these hilarious, yet sometimes, heartbreaking reminders of my adventures thus far.

Blogging allows me to try a new form of journaling involving the public sphere. Putting my thoughts onto the page is nothing new for me, but putting my thoughts out into the cyber-world is a totally new experience…and I’m loving it.

As far as my “voice” is concerned (and thank you very much, Lucy for forcing me to think about this), I write for the sake of the journey. I believe that we are all on an incredible journey in this lifetime, and we’ve all been given the opportunity and responsibility to recognize the blessings that are bestowed upon us. It’s so easy in this day-and-age to get caught up in the negative moments that make us crazy and stressed out. I try to focus on blessings. Recognizing them is the first step in living a more satisfying, simple, content life full of positive energy and love. Too sappy for ya? I understand, believe me! I live in South Philadelphia. I know how hard this can be! But, once you get into the habit of smiling and saying to yourself, “I am so blessed!” then, it’s nearly impossible to see life as anything other than beautiful.

Latest blog-worthy blessing : Men who nest. My husband has begun nesting in preparation for the birth of our first baby. Yep, that’s right! I have a nesting husband. His version of nesting is totally different from mine; while I am turning into The Brady Bunch’s Alice-on-crack with my sweeping under furniture and re-organizing the linen closet for the eighth time, my hubby is tackling “Man-Projects” such as fixing up the car, building a diaper sprayer on the back of our toilet, and installing the car seat. Also, it looks as though he might be refinishing our bathtub. I’m not sure, but I’ve caught him reading DIY Daddy-blogs (I know!! So cute.) on the tub-subject, and I’m pretty excited! I am so blessed by this guy’s ingenuity and resourcefulness. He reminds me every day that pregnancy is do-able when shared with a partner-in-crime.

Stop by, any time, Lucy-lovers! I look forward to being blessed by your company. And I am enjoying reading your journeys, as well.

Jess “Soulful” Noel

Isn't she great???? Now that you've had this little sample of her I hope you will go check out more of her writing at her own blog.
And stay tuned for more great writing from some of my favorite bloggers. And beware, I could be calling on YOU next!

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