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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Meet My Friends, Part Two

I hope you all enjoyed meeting Jess from Soulful Noel last week. Today I am excited to introduce you to Cassie from Southern Domestic Goddess. Unlike Jess, Cassie is not an IRL friend, but she is definitely a blog friend and I love checking her blog everyday to see what she and her precious son, Jackson, are up to. Jackson is older than Little Ricky and Cassie does the neatest activities with him every week. I can't wait until Little Ricky is a little bigger so I can borrow/steal (hee hee!) some of her great ideas!

I’m Cassie from Southern Domestic Goddess and I am a former teacher. While I was in Grad school I also taught 6th grade. That year, all of my students were black. They all listened to rap and hip hop and R&B. And because I was OLD according to them (I was 23 at the time), they assumed that I had no idea about anything in pop culture, and because I am white they thought that I only listened to country music. They were always completely surprised when I knew who Chris Brown or 50 Cent were, or when I knew the songs that they would sing in class.

They always wanted to listen to music while they worked. Normally, I wouldn't have minded. I actually let them do it several times, until we had a little incident. One student kept asking me if we could listen to a CD that he brought to school with him while we took one of our tests. It was a burned CD so I couldn't tell what was on it. I asked him what songs were on there and he told me. I knew that some of those songs had some really raunchy lyrics on them, but on the radio they were edited out. So I asked him if the songs on there were the radio edit version.

"Oh yeah, Miss K of course they are!" That was his exact response. I think you can probably tell where this is going.

So they're taking the test and we're listening to the CD, and the first few songs weren't so bad. The kids were actually QUIET for once, though some were quietly singing to themselves or whatever. It was actually pretty nice.

That is, until one song came on that was definitely NOT edited, and the worst bunch of cuss words ever went blaring from the CD player and out into my classroom. I threw a fit! If the principal or a parent had walked in right then, I would have been screwed. Turns out, the student had no idea what "radio edit" meant. Go figure.

A few weeks later the students were begging to listen to music during another test. Needless to say, I had learned my lesson, so I kept saying no.

Finally, one student says, "Come on Miss K, we don't have to listen to our music. We can listen to your country music if you want."

So I said, "What in the world makes you think I listen to country music?"

And he said, "Because you're white. And white ladies listen to country music."

I really almost fell out of my chair I started laughing so hard. But apparently one of their previous white teachers had made them listen to a lot of old country music, because as I was laughing, all 22 of my students busted out singing "ALL MY EXES LIVE IN TEXAS" at the top of their lungs.

I hope that gave you a little laugh today! Feel free to stop by my blog anytime.

I LOVE this story! And knowing that she has an education background totally makes sense for all of the great things she does with cute Jackson.

So be sure to check Cassie out and tell her Lucy sent ya!

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