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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Monthly Goal Recap: March = Mediocre

Well, here I am to fill you in on the goals again.

In what is quickly becoming a recurring theme, I did really well with the easy things (hanging out with friends, dating Ricky) and not-so-good with the harder ones.

So here's the recap...

  • Turn off the TV at night--We REALLY like TV at our house. In fact, it's on in the background as I type this. Sad. FAIL
  • Date night with Ricky once a month--We went to the theatre to see Mandy Patinkin and Patti Lupone, we went to a reception and concert at Roosevelt University and we've had several family dates--St. Patrick's Day parade, lunches out, shopping, etc. SUCCESS
  • No take-out/delivery--(copying last month's answer) Ehhh, didn't order delivery all the time, but didn't not order either. WORKS IN PROGRESS
  • Eating/cooking healthier--When I have cooked, we've eaten well. However we've had company and friends in town so we've eaten out quite a bit this month. And when we eat out we don't get a salad. We tend to make REALLY bad (but delicious!) choices. WORKS IN PROGRESS
  • Work out at least 3 times a week--Thanks to the warmer weather Little Ricky and I have gotten out a few times lately and walked, but as for those workout DVD's I got for Xmas? Still unopened. Geez. FAIL
  • Go to church more often--Of the 4 Sunday's in March, Little Ricky was sick for one, Ricky was out of town for the next and we had company in town the next Sunday. As for the one free Sunday, just didn't go. (However we are going this weekend for Easter, so already April is looking good. Right? RIGHT????) FAIL
  • Socialize with friends at least once a month--Done and done! Little Ricky and I joined a new mommy's group and have had several outings and play dates with them. I threw a party for Ricky's b-day, we had friends over for the Oscars, we had dessert with friends (okay, Dilly Bars at Dairy Queen!) after the concert at Roosevelt, went out to dinner with a friend who was in town and spent this past weekend with another friend who was visiting us from Nashville. So lots of socializing! SUCCESS
  • Take more time with my appearance when at home--This has been a little easier as Little Ricky and I have had more plans this month. So I've done my hair and face to get out with him and then I look good for the rest of the day. Still have a hard time getting motivated to doll up on the days with no plans, but it's getting a little easier. WORKS IN PROGRESS
  • Clean up house before going to bed--we're doing pretty good with this one. It doesn't happen every night, but overall the house has stayed in much better shape this month. SUCCESS
  • Deal with mail as it comes in--Kind of fell off the wagon on this one this month. (I'm staring at a pile of mail right now, dammit.) WORKS IN PROGRESS

For February I had 4 FAILS, 3 WORKS IN PROGRESS and 3 SUCCESSES. This month? 3 FAILS, 4 WORKS IN PROGRESS and 3 SUCCESSES. Slight improvement, I guess. Slow and steady wins the race or some such bullshit.

Fingers crossed for April.

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