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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What We're Reading: Easter 2010

I know Easter just passed but I wanted to share with you some of the books we read as the holiday approached.

This book takes a very simple approach to explaining Easter. The illustrations are sweet and a few pages have flocking on them. Little Ricky has just recently started noticing different textures on books' pages, so I think he liked that aspect of the book best.

Despite our determination to keep Little Ricky TV free the first few years of his life (pretty hypocritical, huh, considering how much TV I watch?!?) we did end up introducing him to Sesame Street pretty early on. And he immediately fell HARD for Elmo. (What is it about that little red monster? He's like baby crack!) This book also has flocking on each page (on Elmo), so between the texture and Elmo, Little Ricky always got a kick out of this book.

We had a few of these finger puppet books at Christmas and Little Ricky liked them okay. But now? He LOVED this book. The moment I'd start wiggling that bunny at him, he would grin and bounce up and down. I will say, the writing in these books isn't fantastic (this one, in particular, seemed to end abruptly), but really they are more about the puppets than the story. And whatever gets Little Ricky interested in books is okay by me!

Another one of the lift-the-flap books we love. Once again we were not disappointed. With their bright colors and fun interaction we will definitely continue adding these to our collection.

And now for some grown-up reading...
It is a happy, happy day for me when I discover that a new Sue Grafton alphabet mystery book is out. I started reading these books my senior year in high school and have continued through this Christmas when I received the latest, U is for Undertow. If you like strong, sassy women, then check these books out! Kinsey Milhone, the private detective “star” of these books, is a hoot. I want to be her when I grow up! Ms. Grafton is 70 years old and there are still 5 more letters of the alphabet for her to get through. It usually takes her about 2 years per book which would put her at 80 when she finishes this series. Not to be morbid, but if she dies before she gets to Z (she’s perfectly healthy, by the way) I will go NUTS! That’s how much I love these books, Kinsey Milhone and Sue Grafton!

Still making my way through this one, and still really liking it. I think I may start my own Happiness Project when I finish. Anyone else read it? Anyone else interested in a Happiness Project?

I'll be back soon with more books we're loving at our house. Until then,

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