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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Brusied Ego

You know how Marymac receives declaration of love in her inbox? Me? Not so much. Let me tell you about 2 emails that I received today.

Email 1--Are you BIG and beautiful and looking for love? I won't bore you with the rest of the email, but basically it was an advertisement for a dating service for...ahem...larger women.

Email 2--I accidentally deleted this one, so I'll just give you the gist. The kind soul who sent me this email was trying to sell me a bra to lift the girls back to their former glory.

Okay, great.

So according to my inbox, I'm fat, unloved and have droopy boobs. I'm going to go drown my sorrows in ice cream now.

Wait, maybe that's why I'm fat and unloved....

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