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Monday, May 10, 2010

Consignment Sale

As I showed you in my last Wordless Wednesday post, Little Ricky is quickly outgrowing a lot of his clothes, toys and baby equipment. So about a week and a half ago I participated in a huge consignment sale. I was able to sell many of his little newborn outfits and pj's (some barely or never worn!) along with some of the items his long legs were dragging the floor in!

While I didn't expect to make a fortune, I did think I'd make some money.

And I did.

But I also spent some money.

Behold Little Ricky's spring/summer wardrobe!

In the above pictures are...

2 pairs of overalls (1 short, 1 long)
1 swimsuit
1 pair of pants
4 outfits
9 (yes, NINE!) shirts
3 pairs of shorts
1 set of sign language flash cards (Little Ricky can now do the sign for baby. It is AH! DORABLE!)

Not pictured...

3 pairs of shorts for Little Man

So that's 24 items for a grand total of $90! That means I spent on average $3.75 per item. Not too bad for a new summer wardrobe!

This sale will be happening again in the fall so I'll be sure and let all of you Chicago mamas know ahead of time so you can sell/shop too!

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