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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Meet My Friends: Part Five

Time for another guest post and I am so excited for you guys to meet Lesli of Pretty Random Thoughts. I can't remember how I initially came across her blog, but I do remember that it was right before I moved to Chicago and at the time she was planning a trip to Chicago. So I commented on her blog, she commented back on mine and an Internet friendship was born!

I love reading about her life on her blog--she writes the way I imagine she talks. Reading her blog feels like a conversation with her. And I'm so impressed with her "year of no shopping"! You go, Lesli!

So without further ado, Lesli (and Noodles!)

Hi, my name is Lesli and I need to begin by saying, I am so honored to have been chosen by Lucy to be this week’s guest blogger! Lucy commented on my blog maybe two years ago and we have been blogging buddies ever since. I can’t even remember the first time I “met” Lucy, maybe 2008, but it seems like we have been reading each other’s blogs forever. I do remember it was at a time when she was just moving to Chicago, so she probably knows the date better than I do!

I have two blogs actually. My original and main blog is called “Pretty Random Thoughts” (because that is exactly what it is!). I started it in the spring of 2007, just my daily musings about my life and I try to keep it on the light and fluffy side. I try not to be too controversial or serious and I like to talk about my cute pets, trips I take, new restaurants, cupcakes, handbags, reality shows, or a book I am reading. As you can see, nothing too intense.

I live in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul with my husband, a naughty (and chubby) Pug, and a band of cats. My favorite cat, Chloe, passed away last spring but she lives on in my blog as my guardian angel. I also have a green VW convertible named Daisy. I work 9 to 5 at the headquarters of an upscale bath and body products company as a receptionist. My dream is to be an interior designer or wedding planner or a writer! In the meantime, I am a design school dropout who dabbles in home staging very sporadically and I think I satisfy the writer in me by blogging & journaling—although there could be a book somewhere in that brain of mine!

My second blog is called “The Girl in Kate Spade Mittens” which I just began in January of this year. It was a result of sitting down one day in the New Year of 2010 and realizing that I owed a whole lot of money on my credit cards. I love clothes and shopping and getting my hair done and massages and pedicures and shoes, and it all just kind of added up. I sat myself down and decided that 2010 would be my Year of No Shopping, or more specifically my year of not using my credit cards. I made a few loopholes wherein my husband could still buy me things (and I will still accept all gifts!) and I can still shop if I use cash. But let’s face it, shopping with cash only really limits what I can buy.

Anyhow I just started this blog to hold myself more accountable for my spending. Every day I try to list out what I have spent and also I always try to get something free every single day, and usually I do.

But if you start reading now (in the middle) you will see that I kind of fell off the No Shopping wagon while I was in Vegas this past weekend. But I am jumping back on, so feel free to join me on my journey.

So that is about it from me. Again, I just want to thank Lucy for thinking of me as a guest blogger!

So go check Lesli out; you'll feel like you're having a chat with a good girlfriend and how fun is that?!?!?!

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