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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

That was me last Mother's Day, only a month away from being an official mom, not just a mom-to-be.

I remember when I woke up last Mother's Day how excited I felt. It was Mother's Day and I, Lucy Ricardo, was a mother-to-be! Ricky took me to brunch and I was almost giddy being out with the other moms. Look at me! Check me out! I'm gonna be a MOM!

This year felt different. I woke up at 9 (ahhhh, thanks for the sleep-in, Ricky!) and I felt happy, but quietly so. Last year's giddy, look at me feeling had been replaced by something else. Something I'm not terribly familiar with in my perfectionistic, always judging myself against other people self.

I felt content. And I like it. Being Little Ricky's mommy is what I was meant to do and that job brings me such peace, such joy, such contentment.

After some cuddling on the couch (thanks, Little Ricky) I opened presents--a gift certificate for a facial and mani/pedi. And a book. THE book. The best present I've ever received. A book called I Know My Mommy Loves Me "written" by Little Ricky and featuring beautiful pictures of him from birth to now. I might have cried. (Okay, I admit it. I did the ugly cry.)

Sweet cards and gifts

Once I pulled myself together and looked at the book about 50 times we headed out to lunch. When we first moved to Chicago, someone told me about Karyn's Raw Cafe, Karyn's Cooked and Karyn's on Green. These 3 restaurants are run by Karyn (duh!) Calabrese and serve vegan, healthy foods. Many items are gluten and/or soy free. I had read how delicious everything she served was and how you wouldn't feel like you were eating "healthy" and I wanted to try her restaurants out. We never got around to it and I kind of forgot about it what with having a baby and all.

Then last week I was at a tea party at the Oprah store (more on that in a future post) and Karyn provided the delicious goodies. When I got home I mentioned Karyn's restaurants to Ricky again. So he surprised me by taking me to Karyn's on Green on Mother's Day.

Oh. My. God! It was amazing! I had "chicken" and waffles (remember, it's vegan, so it wasn't real chicken), Ricky had chilaquiles and Little Ricky had banana pancakes. Everything was super-yummy! We will definitely go back and we will definitely be checking out Karyn's other restaurants!

How did the rest of you moms spend the day? I hope you were loved on and made to feel as special as you are! I know I felt not only special, but so blessed to have my two Ricky's and I can't wait to spoil Ricky like he spoiled me on Father's Day.

But what will top the book????

Little Ricky would rather climb on me than pose for a picture!

I Know My Mommy Loves Me

I know my mommy loves me...

because she makes sure I have all the things I need.

She makes sure I always look great...

and that every holiday is very special!

She takes me to music class and story time, she takes me to the museum,

...and lots of other fun places!

She makes me lots of good things to eat...
and she's the best at giving me my bath.

She loves to cuddle with me...
and hold me close and tight.

She loves to make me laugh.
She loves to make me smile.

But even though I'm growing fast...

and one day I may not want to cuddle or wear silly hats...

I will always know my mommy loves me.

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