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Sunday, May 2, 2010

What We're Reading: May 2010

Duckling and Friends was in Little Ricky's Easter basket and he has really enjoyed it! He loves the different textures of each animals and giggles every time either of us push the buttons to make the animal noises. The only downside to this book is that it seems to have a life of it's own and occasionally the duck quacks when no one is near the book. Spooky!!! :)

From a very young age, Little Ricky has loved looking at the babies in the Shapes book by Anne Geddes. There is no text in this book, just pictures of cute babies making or wearing shapes (notice the triangle hats on the cover?) It's a great way to teach Little Ricky his shapes and I love watching him look at the babies. It's like he knows he's one of them.

Colors is another touch and feel book. Little Ricky loves feeling the feathers on the bird, the scales on the fish and the bumps on the frog. No real story in this one, but it provides a great opportunity to talk about animals, colors and textures.

I have not done a lot of BOOK reading in the last month and you can see the reason above. I have LOVED magazines since I was 12 years old and my mother bought me a subscription to Seventeen magazine. Every month when the magazine would arrive I'd first flip through each page, getting a feel for what was in that issue. Then I would go back to page one and read the magazine cover to cover--letters to the editor, every article, the descriptions of each photo, etc.

And to this day that is how I read magazines. However my love of magazines (some might call it an addiction) has gotten a little out of hand. The boxes of magazines you see above are my subscriptions-In Style, Oprah, Women's Health, Real Simple, Glamour, Parents, American Baby, Nashville Lifestyles (where we used to live, subscription hasn't run out yet), a Chicago magazine, etc., etc. A few of those magazines are musts, but a few were offers I couldn't pass up. A year subscription to Glamour for only $1? It would be wrong to pass that up. A discounted subscription to Parents and American Baby magazines? This was sent to me while I was still pregnant (they're no fools!) and I thought I would need all of the help I could get!

Along with my flip through and then read method, I have another quirk when it comes to my magazines. I HAVE to read them in order. I can NOT read a May magazine if there is an April magazine still unread.

So what you see above is the sign of a busy mom with too many magazine subscriptions. Those boxes hold (are you ready for this???) magazines from
(really, are you ready???)
NOVEMBER to now.

And despite the fact that the November magazines are all about Christmas and we are now well into spring, I have to read the November ones first.

Yes, I'm crazy. Yes, I'll be reading these magazines until I die. However I do intend to NOT re-subscribe when many of these subscriptions end.

But until then I'm reading about great gift and recipe ideas for the holidays. Merry Christmas!

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