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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

High Tea with Oprah

That title got your attention, didn't it?

Okay, I must confess, I didn't actually have tea with Oprah. BUT I was invited to a tea party for mom bloggers at her store about a month ago. (Yes, it has taken me a month to post this. What can I say? I'm a slacker.)

Did you know that Ms. O had a store? I did, but only because I'm a fan and have a subscription to her magazine where she features items that they carry there. I had been to the store once before, but as I chatted with the other guests at the party the general consensus was that most folks did not know about this store.

Not only does this store carry lovely things (most of them emblazoned with that famous O!), but the layout and design is also so pretty and bright. Just walking into the space feels inviting.

In Oprah's closet you will find things she has actually worn! Proceeds from her closet go to the Angel Network. (I just read that the Angel Network is closing, but I assume she'll find another charity to donate to.)

Purple shoes worn by Oprah and in MY size. But not in my price range. Tear...

There were tons of goodies at this party including these adorable O cookies. I also had a DELICIOUS vegan red velvet cupcake made by Karyn Calabrese of Karyn's Raw, Karyn's Cooked and Karyn's on Green. YUMMY!

And, of course, I did some shopping! (Ignore the bad lighting!)

Oprah's former chef, cookbook author and co-owner and executive chef for Table Fifty-Two, Art Smith, was on hand to chat food and autograph his books. I haven't made anything out of my new (autographed!) cookbook yet, but I've flagged several pages that have things I want to try!

Contrary to popular belief, my last name is not actually Ricardo and in fact, it starts with an O. So even though Oprah had these cards made to represent her name, I think they work well for me too!

As we all know I have a hard time getting motivated to work out, so I thought a cute top and yoga pants might help get me off my hiney. Wait until you read my latest goal update--I've actually been doing it! So yea to the cute clothes! (Although they are so cute I kind of hate sweating in them!)

My favorite purchase--O pj's! You can't really tell it, but the pants have colorful O's all over them. Again, I've decided those O's have nothing to do with Oprah and are personalized just for me! :)

And look what I won! An Oprah overnight bag! Cute, huh? Can't wait to travel this summer so I can put it to use! (This picture was taken by the lovely Melissa at Suburban Scrawl.)

We all received lovely goody bags as we left with a sample of Talbott tea (one of the sponsors of the event), an Oprah pen (I write with mine everyday!) and coupons to Karyn's Raw and Karyn's Cooked. YEA!

I was so happy to be invited and to attend this event. The store is just lovely and it was nice to spend an afternoon chatting with friends, meeting new people, munching on some delicious goodies and of course, shopping! Thank you, Oprah and the Oprah Store team!

And now, here's the plus to my procrastination. In the time since the tea, the Oprah Store has opened a microsalon space at Water Tower Place on Michigan Avenue. I stopped by this weekend and while it is smaller (I guess that's why they call it a MICROsalon!) than the main store it is just as lovely.

So what are you waiting for? Get shopping!

Disclosure: I received the aforementioned goody bag at the tea, but there was no expectation of me writing about the store or event and all opinions are my own.

P.S. Check out my latest article on a yummy South Loop cafe/coffee shop on Chicagonista.com.

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