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Friday, June 25, 2010

Little Ricky's Birthday Parties!

Little Ricky has now been one for two weeks and I am just now getting around to posting pictures from our exciting birthday weekend. (Have I mentioned I'm a slacker?) I hope you've got plenty of time on your hands, because I have lots of pictures!

A few months ago I started browsing the internet looking for cute first birthday ideas. When I came across this adorable party I knew I'd be using lots of those ideas.

Okay, let's be honest, I basically stole this party. Thank God, the mom included where she got all of her cute accessories in her post!

The little boy in the post (who's birthday ideas I stole!) had an elephant theme. I thought about elephants, but Little Ricky has somehow ended up with a lot of giraffe things. There is, of course, his giraffe artwork over his changing table that he loves. He adores his Sophie the Giraffe toy. He has several stuffed giraffes, his mobile has a giraffe. Lots and lots of giraffes. So giraffes it was!

Because Little Ricky's birthday was on a Friday and our party wasn't until Saturday, we also did a little picnic party in the park on his actual b-day with some of his little baby friends. It was a muggy, hot day, but there were cupcakes involved so everyone was happy!

The birthday boy checking out some presents

Playing at the park w/ Daddy

Our awesome play group that helped us celebrate Little Ricky's big day!

Because Little Ricky was having so much fun playing at the park, we waited until we got home to strip him down and give him a cupcake. As you can see from the empty plate, he liked it!

My sweet birthday boy

Party favors for the Saturday bash

Animal cracker party favors. The toppers are by Dani Notes Stationery. (You can also see her work at her blog and Etsy shop.) The toppers say "Thank you for coming to my party! Love, Little Ricky"

I love the idea of having guests tie birthday wishes to balloons and then releasing them, but for the environment's sake (you're welcome, Al Gore) we decided to do a birthday wish book instead. Everyone left Little Ricky a little message and we'll be able to read them to him each year on his birthday. (The birthday party I stole also did this, but I actually had thought of this BEFORE I found that post. Just want to make sure I get a little credit for Little Ricky's party.)

Specialized water bottles also by Dani Notes.

"Happy 1st birthday, Little Ricky"

The food table. Lots of kid-friendly food--pimiento cheese sandwiches, pasta salad, fruit salad, baby yogurt & applesauce.

Our giraffe centerpiece with one of our many stuffed giraffes, the party invitation and our special giraffe hat made by Stell & Livi.

Cupcakes from Ace Bakery and cupcake toppers by Dani Notes Stationery. (Ace Bakery is not a fancy bakery, by any means, but when it comes to basics like chocolate and plain cupcakes, they deliver! (Literally--ha!) The cupcakes were yummy and soooo reasonably priced!)

The cupcake toppers had a giraffe on one side and the number 1 with his name across it on the other.

Giraffe candle holder

Our little family

Ricky's parents who were able to join us in Chicago for the big weekend

As we saw in the hair cut post, Little Ricky is not a fan of things on his head, but he did wear the hat long enough for a photo shoot. And then it was a cute addition to our table.

Manners? What manners?



These shoes squeak when he walks. He thinks they're a hoot!

New fire truck from Auntie L & Uncle S--FUN!

Guys, this has been fun and all, but I'm EXHAUSTED!

The day after all of the party excitement we joked that Little Ricky had his first hangover. He spit up several times (he NEVER spits up. He was definitely on cupcake overload.) and every time we put him down for a nap he would practically lunge out of our arms for his crib. I know in college a hangover was always the sign of a good party. I guess the same goes for first birthdays too!

Now I'm off to troll the internet to find ideas to borrow/steal for his 2nd birthday!

P.S. I can't say enough nice things about Stell & Livi and Dani Notes Stationery! I emailed them with my giraffe ideas and they both more than delivered! Thank you both for helping make this birthday so special! And thanks also to the Koehler Family whose elephant party was a great inspiration for our giraffe party!

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