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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Little Ricky's First Haircut

As you can see from my last Wordless Wednesday post Little Ricky had gotten pretty shaggy. Since his birthday was (rapidly!) approaching and I knew we'd be having some 1 year photos taken I decided it was time for our first haircut. So a couple of weekends ago we headed out to Snippets for a little trim.

When I was little I know my grandmother cut my hair at least once. And then I went wherever my mom went. I certainly didn't go to a salon where I could sit in a train or a cab or on a lion while getting my hair done. I didn't watch Elmo or Dora the Explorer or play video games while the stylist worked on me. Were there salons just for kids mumble-mumble years ago? I don't think so. But whoever thought of having a salon specifically for kids is a genius! (And raking it in!)

When we arrived at Snippets, there was a bit of a wait, but no problem. They have a play area where Little Ricky enjoyed playing the xylophone.

He also enjoyed flirting with himself in the mirror. (Check out his reflection--hilarious!)

While he played with Ricky I wandered around the shop where they had jewelry, headbands, barrettes, bows, hair glitter, etc. for sale. Thank God we have a boy!

Once it was our turn Little Ricky was placed in a taxi cab. Which he LOVED!
Look at him drive!

Look at him check himself out in the mirror!

So far he was having a great time. And then the haircut began...

Little Ricky does not like having his head messed with. Getting him to wear a hat this winter was a constant battle. Putting shirts on over his head always makes him mad. Sometimes he even brushes my hand away when I'm stroking his head. So it wasn't long before the haircut went downhill!


We offered toys as a distraction, Dora was playing on the TV in front of him, the stylist gave him her water bottle to play with. But no doing.

Then she asked if we wanted to give him a sucker. Even though he was pretty hysterical I had to pause before I answered. We really try to steer away from a lot of sweets with him and we especially stay away from the artificially colored, high fructose corn syrup-y stuff. But we were desperate.

And for a while he was happy.

When the stylist (a sweet, grandmotherly woman) finished, she said "All done, my friend." At which point, Little Ricky looked right at her and screamed as if she had just murdered his best friend. Ricky ushered him out of the store while I collected our DVD and little box of hair (they have a first haircut special which of course we took advantage of for an extra $5. What did I say about the creator of this concept raking it in???) and paid.

When I got to the car I discovered this...

The hair cut was more excitement than he could handle!

Once he woke up, he stayed mad at us for a while.

Maybe he was mad, but he wasn't shaggy!


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