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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Meet My Friends: Part Eight

I have been a lazy blogger this week. What can I say--it's taken most of the week to recover from all of the party festivities (more on that in a later post), but today I have a great post for you. And before you think I'm all braggy, I didn't write it!

Today's guest writer is Cheryl, formerly of Special Sauce in the House and now of Mommy Pants. (Not to be confused with mom jeans--she's waaaaay too cool for that!)

I originally "met" Cheryl a few months ago when she wrote a lovely post about Layla Grace. I was so moved by that post and as I read more of her blog I just fell in love with her writing. We both have baby boys only a few months apart (she also has 2 older kids--brave woman! I can hardly handle one!!) so I enjoy reading her take on parenthood. Her blog is always entertaining and I feel like I know her IRL and not just across the blogosphere.

So read on, folks, and be sure to stop by her new space. But be prepared to stay awhile. Her writing will hold your attention for a long time!

I am very excited to be guest posting over here today. I love Chicago. I used to come here for work and I always had the most fabulous time. I did! I mean, OPRAH LIVES HERE! There's also great food. Even though I never did get to go to Frontera.

I live out here in The OC. Perhaps you've heard of us? We all live in multi-million dollar beachfront homes. We drive expensive cars. We're happy all the time but you can't tell because we've botoxed the hell out of our faces. And? Everyone's boobs are fake. They are.

Okay. maybe I exaggerate just a touch. Maybe I live in a tiny house 20 miles inland with a view of the house in front and the house down below in the back. Although there actually is a mountain. And it's quite pretty, especially when the setting sun turns it purply pink. Maybe I do drive a nice car, but when I say "nice," I don't mean it's a Porsche or a Ferrari. What I mean is it's clean and big and it carries my three kids, husband and I quite comfortably, while it burns enough gas to keep Saudi Arabia alive and well.

I also have wrinkles. Grey hair when I put off my trip to the salon by a week or six. Oh - and my boobs. They're real. I mean, if they were fake, then the plastic surgeon should have his license revoked. Immediately. Because the girls, as I'm weaning my third child, are going off in their own direction - neither which is front and center.

Speaking of my kids, my eldest son is about to graduate from kindergarten next week and I'm already gearing up for the tears. Mine, that is. He is VERY excited to be home for a few months, where he thinks he will watch TV for seven hours a day. Can't wait to crush that particular dream of his..

My daughter will be in pre-k this fall. I could've sent her to kindergarten, but she has a late birthday. So I'm holding her. Because girls? They're mean. And she's still a little sensitive. She has a scream, when she's been wronged, that will rattle your brains. So we're giving her the extra year to, you know, mellow out.

And the baby? He's 15 months going on 2 1/2. I say that because he throws tantrums like a seasoned two-year old. He does. Full-on spread on the floor, fists pounding. Or, if you make him REALLY mad, he will walk up and slap you. If he can't get to you, he'll slap the dog. Or one of his siblings.

I used to be a sportswriter. I did. Then I had babies and didn't really feel like spending over half the year away from home. Of course, there are times when that really does sound inviting. But now I get my writing fix from my blog. I just - and by just I mean yesterday - launched my new blog Mommypants.com. If this sounds like shameless self-promotion, it's because it is.

Anyway, I hope you hop on by and say hi. Any friend of Lucy's is a friend of mine!

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