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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Meet My Friends: Part Nine

Today's guest blogger is Tiffany from Stuff Parents Need. Not only is she a great blogger and on-line friend, she also GIVES AWAY FREE STUFF! All the time! Like at least a couple of times a week. In fact, I won a great nursing cover a couple of months ago and I am always checking out her site for info on great baby products. Even when I don't win (and hello! I'd like to win every time, please!) I often find myself buying the products she writes about.

So, let's see...

She's funny, nice, a good mom, a good writer AND she gives away fun stuff. Love her!

Hello from the birthplace of Rock 'n Roll (sorry Cleveland, those honors are really not yours!). My name is Tiffany and I live in Memphis, TN with Tim, my husband of 8 years, and our 10 month old daughter, Darah (pronounced just like Sarah, but with a D).

Tim and I are the type of people who LOVE to do our homework. During pregnancy, we read a million books, blogs and other resources about childbirth and parenting. I have a distinct memory when I was 6 months pregnant thinking that I was 100% ready. I had a plan for everything and I was totally ready to fit our little bundle into our already fabulous lives. We were going to put Darah on a "relaxed" schedule fairly quickly, breastfeed with ease, NOT co-sleep and resume our regular lives within a handful of weeks, except for adding in a few diaper changes here and there. Here's a picture of me around that time, lookin' all smug and "with it."

I hope you are laughing.

Here's where we were a few weeks after Darah was born.

That's right, we were co-sleeping, more out of desperation than anything else (and 10 months later, we're still doing it part-time). It's just one of a thousand examples that I have of where we had to take all of our book knowledge and throw it out the window, and just roll with what seemed to intuitively make sense for our baby. We're still doing our homework when it comes to parenting, but we're more humble about how much we know, and also more confident in our gut instincts. I have learned more from other mommy bloggers than I can even begin to write about here, and I'm so grateful for all the wisdom I've gleaned from different sites once I finally realized that I wasn't Miss Know-It-All, after all. I started Stuff Parents Need as a way to give back to the blogging community, and share little bits of what I have learned along the way, especially as it relates to all the stuff we have bought either in preparation for the baby, or after she arrived. Having a baby is a very emotional experience, kind of like getting married. And that means that it is a multi-billion dollar industry, because people will express their love with money during weak moments. I enjoy sharing my experiences with different products that relate to parenting or to living life in a way that is more efficient, budget-friendly and eco-friendly, too. Hopefully I'll help some other moms and dads out there make wise decisions with their dollars along the way. One thing I have enjoyed more than anything else is meeting mompreneurs who have solved some sort of a dilemma with a product, and who are out there pursuing their dreams. It is so inspiring!

And oh yeah, I absolutely LOVE giving stuff away. I feel like Santa Claus a few times a week. It totally rocks.
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