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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Meet My Friends: Part Seven

Today's guest post comes to you from Bobby over at Those Two Daddies. Again, I don't remember who found who first, but I do remember that we came across each other last year late winter-early springish as we were both awaiting the births of our first children. Since then I have so enjoyed reading about his life with his boyfriend, Gregg, and their precious girl, Sabrina. His writing is oftentimes hilarious, but he also writes some pretty serious posts about equality that I think are dead-on. I think this guest post will give you a little idea of why I'm so glad we're blog buddies...

I have to say, our Lucy is a woman before her time. I mean, I thought gimmicks like “Wordless Wednesday” where you just pop up some pictures of your toddler wearing oversized sunglasses or sleeping on the dog were a great way to look like you put up meaningful posts without really doing any work . But having other people actually write the posts for you under the guise of “meeting my friends”? Shear genius.

So Lucy and I both spent the late ‘90’s not knowing each other when we lived in West Hollywood, CA. Fast forward to around 2009 when we discovered each other’s blogs. Here she was, preparing for pregnancy while masquerading as a gay icon in Chicago, and my boyfriend Gregg and I were awaiting the birth of our daughter in Arizona. Well we were in Arizona; she was born in Los Angeles. If you’re interested you can always check out my blog around April of 2009 for all the details. Oh but this is Arizona, so US citizens only please. And yes, an interracial gay couple with a 13 month old daughter is quite the eye catcher around here. But I’m starting to climb on the soap box again so let me get down. I’m not usually up there unless I’m writing about racism, homophobia, marriage, religion, the environment, human rights, social injustice, corporations, or the hazards of electing morons to be the governor of Alaska.

What I wanted to say was I’m glad to count Lucy among my readers and fellow bloggers. In our little circle, we have quite the collection of ways to make families. Just today we took Sabrina to a swim and play date with a total of four children including her. None of the families there were created in the “usual” way. We had Gay adoption, IVF with two lesbians, and two straight couples that went to India for surrogacy. All the kids are around the same age, and it just amazed me what people will do when they really want a family. Families find a way to come to be. Our little childbirth and beyond blog circle is important because we all support and learn from each other. And really, who cares how the children got here. What matters is that they are all so loved, so cherished. And that no matter where we travel in the country, we’ll always have a blog friend where we can drop them off in their oversized sunglasses so we can go do some serious wine tasting without them.

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