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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Meet My Friends: Part Six

Today's guest blogger is Teri from The Mighty M Family. I can't remember who found who first in the blogosphere, but I am so glad we found each other. Teri has an adorable family and I love reading (and seeing!) what they are up to! She is a great photographer who posts fantastic pictures of her kiddos--a cutie-pie redheaded boy (we like the redheads over here at Modern Day Lucy!) and a VERY theatrical little girl (we like the drama queens over here too!)

So take a look at these awesome photos and then go check out her site and say hi!


I want to thank Lucy so much for letting me post on her wonderful blog today!

I live with my family in the lovely Pacific Northwest. I started blogging to have a place to share updates on my family and life and it has been wonderful meeting so many other fantastic bloggers out there.

Now, if you were to ever come over and meet us in real life, I would like to offer you some advice that might help make you feel more comfortable in our home:

1) Hair brushing is optional.

2) Good manners are appreciated, but not necessary.

3) We highly encouraging washing any plastic containers before personal use:

4) Sharing is very much appreciated (but not always possible).

5) When playing hide and seek, please pretend the “seeking” is more difficult than it may appear at first glance.

6) Plan on a dance or two.

7) Prepare for rain.

8), 9), 10) These 3 may try to hog the spotlight.

You are now fully prepared for a visit! Hope you enjoyed this peek into our lives.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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