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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Versatile Blogger Award

Recently I was given The Versatile Blogger Award from The Kiddie Fashionista. And here all this time I thought I was scattered and disorganized. But no, I'm VERSATILE! :)

The Kiddie Fashionista is a super-cute blog with great ideas and reviews to keep mommies and kiddos stylish and hip. Thanks for thinking of me for this award!!

Here are the rules:

Thank the blog that presented us with the award. Done.

Next, share (7) things about myself.

  1. I was inspired to be an actress by Miss Piggy. (I'll share the whole story some other time.)
  2. You know how some people get a runner's high? I get the same feeling from cleaning out a closet. Ahhhh, being organized makes me feel all warm in my tummy.
  3. I do NOT like Twilight or any of the actors in it (Dakota Fanning, what were you thinking?) and am constantly threatening to have an intervention with all of my girlfriends who have gone ape-shit crazy over this nonsense!
  4. However I do love Harry Potter and everything that goes with it. That Daniel Radcliffe makes me feel like a dirty old woman though! What a hottie he's turned into, huh?
  5. I can eat my weight in ice cream. Seriously. I inherited this "talent" from my father. We're ice cream people.
  6. Back in college when I worked at Hallmark, I sold a greeting card to Juliette Lewis. This was back when she was dating Brad Pitt so I like to think the card she bought was for him.
  7. Even though we live in this city with great pizza, sometimes Ricky and I order Domino's. (I know, we should be run out of Chicago.)
Now I'm supposed to share this with 15 other bloggers. I have a hard time with this part. For one thing, I love all of my blog buddies and it's hard to choose just 15. For another, I hate feeling like I've left someone out. So here are my 15, but know that if you are on my blogroll, I think you rock and you deserve this award too!

Shakespeare, Similies & Spilled Milk
New Nurse in the Hood
Miss Searles
In Jayne's World
Imagine My Chagrin
Dear Friend
All Kinds of Pretty
A "Cheery" Disposition
Wood Squared
Suburban Scrawl
Special Sauce in the House
Really, Are You Serious?
Pajamas and Coffee
Amy Marden, Suburban Mom Moves to the City

Because we're BFF's anytime I get an award the first person I then award it to is Camily over at LaTeedah, but this time I decided to be fair and let someone else have her spot. So I didn't mention her. (Oops, just did!)

So now I'm off to let these 15 (okay, 16, since I couldn't leave Ms. Cam out!) bloggers know they rock! I hope you'll hop over to their sites too! Tell 'em Lucy sent ya.

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