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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What We're Reading: June 2010

This hilarious book was given to us at our baby shower last year and we just recently pulled it out and began reading it to Little Ricky. It only took a couple of readings for Urban Babies Wear Black to become one of our "regulars". Now when we pull it off the shelf, Little Ricky immediately begins giggling. The illustrations are a hoot, plus I think he relates. "Urban babies visit galleries." Check. "Urban babies enjoy fine dining." Well, Little Ricky enjoys any dining. "Urban babies take taxis." Check again. Definitely check it out if you have an urban baby!

I LOVE Daddy Kisses and Mommy Hugs! The illustrations are beautiful and as we read the book we get to snuggle and kiss on him all the different ways in the book. "Mommy polar bear hugs her cub with a tickle." What could be better than a book that allows you to smooch and love on your kiddo even more???

Yes, I'm a theatre geek, but I think anyone with ears should be a fan of Ms. Chenoweth. For that huge voice to come out of that tiny body is incredible! And she's a funny writer too. A Little Bit Wicked gives you some background on all of the amazing shows she's worked on, but what I found most interesting was the info on her personal life. Did you know she has had an on-again, off-again relationship with Aaron Sorkin (of West Wing fame)? Me neither!

Sex and the City 2 came out this past weekend (seeing it tonight! Squeee!) and as a SATC fan I, of course, had to read The Carrie Diaries. Yes, it's a book written for teens, but I've never claimed to have very mature taste. I found the book to be...just okay. Definitely not Candace Bushnell's best effort, but it was interesting to get a little back story on Ms. Bradshaw. My favorite part was the last page--no, not because it was over, but because you finally find out how Carrie met one of her gals.

And so you know that I don't just read celebrity memoirs and teen lit, I also read Breakfast at Tiffany's recently. I've seen the movie several times but had never read the book. I really liked it. I've heard Truman Capote hated the movie, but I didn't feel like one took away from the other. I was especially happy when I bought this book, because it contained three other short stories. Two I had never read--"House of Flowers" and "A Diamond Guitar" (both of which I enjoyed) and one I have read multiple times and love, love, LOVE--"A Christmas Memory." "A Christmas Memory" may very well be my favorite short story ever. The relationship between Buddy and his elderly cousin, the magic of their time together--it is all beautifully told in this story and I find myself in tears every time I read it. In fact, when I finished it the other night I immediately turned back to the first page and read it again. Ricky then asked what the story was about and I was APPALLED that he had never read it. So if you haven't read it, don't tell me. But you really should read it. No, really. Like now. You can thank me later.

P.S. And now on to one of my other favorite things--FOOD! Check out my latest article at DuPage Mamas about a delish Greek restaurant in Winnetka.

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