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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Beach Recap

Last week we spent a week in TX at the beach with my family and had an awesome time. It was the first "real" vacation Ricky and I had been on in quite a while and of course, it was Little Ricky's first vacation. And as you will see from the pictures, he's a fan of vacations now!

We spent most of the week lounging on the beach, playing in the water and the sand with Little Ricky and Little Man, but we also took some time out to shop and eat seafood. It was such an amazing, relaxing, fun time and words can't do it justice.

But maybe pictures (lots and lots of pictures!) can!

We started out the trip with a little nap on the plane. Apparently Little Ricky realized he was going to need his rest for all of the upcoming beach fun!

Once he woke up he was very interested in the plane, the clouds outside, the people behind us/in front of us, the flight attendants, the tray table, the seat belt. Basically he was interested in everything but sitting still!!!

We flew in to Austin where my alma mater, St. Edward's University, is so we took a quick driving tour through the campus and stopped off at the theatre where I spent so much of my college time.

This is Little Ricky's first picture on stage, but if he's a theatre kid like mommy (please be a theatre kid! I won't know what to do with an athlete!!) it won't be his last!

One of my fave St. Ed's professors (and a great actor too!) was kind enough to let us into the theatre. Yea, Facebook, for reconnecting me with friends AND professors!

Cute cousins playing in the sand. They LOVE each other as you can see from this next pic.

Little Ricky's first experience with a kite.

Sadly, it's time to head back to the airport after a great week! Because I'm the whitest person on the planet you probably can't tell it, but I actually do have a bit of a tan in this picture. Or my version of a tan. Which is still pale for everyone else.

And now for a few things I learned on the trip...

Boogie boards make great boats for little guys!

Naps on the beach are the best!

UT fans are SERIOUS! This tent had the 2 flags you can see, plus it was surrounded by UT flags on the sides. The family/friends in the tent had on various UT garb--hats, t-shirts and I even saw one UT swimsuit! You may have noticed my dad's UT hat in one of the pix above, so obviously we all liked the UT tent!

We had the cutest boys on the beach.

I love all of my sweet readers, but there's not a chance in hell I'm going to let you see me in a swimsuit. So here's a picture of me hiding behind a boogie board with my skinny sister. (Seriously, why is she hiding???)

What I learned from the boogie boards? Sunscreen the BACK of your legs, because they will burn BADLY while floating along on the board. Ouch.

Even dirty, we still had the cutest boys on the beach!

They may be cute, but they don't like to pose for pictures...

Even while wearing matching pj's, we had a hard time getting them both looking at the camera at the same time.


A little better.

It is also difficult to get a picture of Little Ricky and me looking at the camera at the same time.

This is why I don't make a habit of wearing hats--apparently I can't put them on my head straight!

Feeding the birds is fun until someone gets pooped on.

(Just ask my mother.)

(Hee hee.)

We love a touristy photo op!

We could spend a fortune on toys for Little Ricky but why? Did him a hole in the ground and he's perfectly content!

How many people does it take to put up a 60 second pop-up tent? One engineer and one arts administrator. And it took longer than 60 seconds!!!
Trying new food is fun!

Yummmmm, shrimp!

And nacho cheese doritoes!

Which taste even better covered in sand and sunscreen!

We clean up real good!

And the last thing I learned from this vacation?

We LOVE the beach!

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