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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Meet My Friends: Part Ten

Even though I spend most of my time writing about my beautiful babe (oops, when I wasn't looking I became a mommy blogger!) I do have other interests. I've always loved fashion (I'm lookin' good in my Target sweats right now!) and home design. I also love folks who have a sense of humor!

And that's where our next guest blogger comes in. Karen has a great blog where she writes about and posts beautiful pictures of clothes, shoes, parties, lovely homes, etc. And as for humor? Check out the name of her blog, I Don't Think Prada Is the Answer They're Looking For. Hilarious! (Anyone know where she got that great title????)

So without further ado, enjoy meeting the always stylish Karen!

Hello, Interwebs! I'm Karen of I Don't Think Prada Is the Answer They're Looking For, aka the longest named blog ever. Since I was invited by the wonderful Miss Lucy to visit with you right around the 4th of July, please allow me to wax philosophic about the holiday. Independence Day is great! There's parades where people literally throw free candy at you. There's block parties and pool parties and trips to the beach. And there's fireworks! Everywhere! My city even has an ice cream festival. Literally, an event that celebrates ice cream. Amazing. It's all of the binge eating and fun of other holidays with none of the awkward family situations or stressful gift-giving moments.

So let's get ready for the holiday weekend, shall we? Every great celebration starts with the right accessories.

Like this amazing sun hat, from Anthropologie of course. Or classic, unisex aviator sunglasses.

It's a bit challenging to avoid cheesy decorations for the 4th (unless that's your thing, in which case, go ALL OUT!) but this tutorial can fill your front porch with Martha-approved class in no time.

Are you hosting an afternoon get together? Attending a pot luck? Smitten Kitchen is a great resource for easy breezy summer recipes -- I especially recommend her hoisin barbecue sauce (a summer staple in my house, it's addictive) and hazelnut brown butter cake. Because no party is complete without cake.

So let's hear it: what's on your schedule for the holiday? Do you feel prepared for the weekend now? I hope you all enjoy it! And of course, a big thanks to Lucy for allowing me to stop by!

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