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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Meet My Friends: Part Twelve

How great is the internet? Not only do we have the ability find damn near anything via Google (what is that awesome song in the new AT & T commercial, for example), shop from any store at any hour of the day and keep on top of celebrity gossip (thank you, Perez Hilton!), but we can also get to know people from all over the globe!

My next guest post comes to us all the way from the UK! Miss Searles and I initially bonded over a shared love of Gilmore Girls, but I quickly came to enjoy reading all about her life "over the pond" at her blog, The New Adventures of a New Miss Searles. Her 2010 started off a little rocky, and it's been great to read how she's overcome that and started out fresh!

And as this post shows, things are getting REALLY fresh for her! You go, girl! And if you need a "safe" place to share your dating adventures, come on back anytime!!!

*All I can say is ‘Thanks God for Lucy!’ If it wasn’t for her and this guest post I wouldn’t have had anywhere to gossip about this...too scared to put on my blog in case my name gets googled and a certain hottie finds his way to all my ramblings. lol Thank you Lucy you are my personal gossip outlet for the week!*

Um...yeah...so, ok....I think I’ve entered the world of Dating (dramatic pause...wait for booming “Dum dum dahhhh” sound effect).

I’ve never done the whole dating thing before, past relationships have just kinda happened without the drinks/dinner/cinema thing happening and let me tell you something, this whole dating thing is scary!!

I’m not what you would call a ‘patient’ person; I act on impulse, do things on the spur of the moment. I’m upfront about feelings and in return I like to know where I stand, so you can understand that I don’t deal well with the whole mystery of dating...I know, I know I should live in the moment/stop wishing my life away...I am trying, honest.

So anyway, the other day I plucked up the courage to message a friend of a friend and give him my number. I was pretty forward about it (I was in a ‘what have I got to lose’ mood :-s) something along the lines of


I don’t normally give my number to random people I’ve only met once or twice but you’re HOT and anyone who can sing/play guitar like that gets my attention!

Let me know if you wanna get a drink sometime.

Charlotte x

Straight after I sent it I started panicking, what if that was a bit too forward, what if he doesn’t reply etc. Luckily I needn’t have worried, he did reply and we went out for a drink at the beginning of the week. We had a good laugh and we have quite a bit in common, I wasn’t too sure if it’d go anywhere else but if nothing else I’d hope that we could hang out as friends sometime. So now I’m just sitting...waiting...looking at my phone. lol


Turns out I needn’t have worried...we’re going out again tomorrow night...and we’re going to see a show in London in a few weeks. He seems keen and I’m a very happy girl at the mo, all is good with the world. :) My only worry now...what on earth am I going to wear?!?

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