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Monday, August 9, 2010

Bit Moms: Help Protect Our Kids

I used to be a huge Law & Order: SVU fan. Yes, the story lines can be troubling, but the writing is fantastic, the acting superb and Christopher Meloni...ahhhhhh, Chris Meloni.

Anyway, used to love that show. And I still like it, but now that I'm a mom I watch it differently. The stories involving kids upset me to the point where I can hardly stand it and if I can tell an episode is going to be about children getting hurt I don't even watch.

So perhaps I had been watching too much SVU, but the first time we took Little Ricky out after he was born and strangers kept commenting on how cute he was all I could think was "PREDATOR! BAD GUY! PREDATOR!"

I'm lucky that Little Ricky is still young enough that he's with me almost 24/7. But as he gets older he's going to go out into the world more and that scares the hell out of me.

The other thing that scares the hell out of me is that via the internet the world can now get to him even when he's in my home.

And that's why I was so happy to hear about and meet some folks from BitMoms this spring at the SV Moms/Chevy event. (You may have noticed their widget in my sidebar.) According to their site, "BitMoms is designed to provide you with online safety news, resources, and materials." Through their site I have found out how to safely post pictures on Facebook, read articles on cyber-bullying and more.

Now I know some of you may think I'm jumping the gun a little on this. Little Ricky just turned one; it's not like he's trolling the internet yet.

But think about the internet when it started. Now think about how big it is today. And then imagine it in 5 -10 years. I can't even imagine what all we will be able to do and see with our computers and I want to get a head start on being aware so I can easily protect my son.

I'm so happy to have found a group like BitMoms that can help me stay on top of internet security and I know that their information is going to be even more necessary as both my son and the internet continue to grow!

Want to learn more about BitMoms? Check out their site and join the discussion.

Disclosure: When I met representatives from BitMoms at the SV Event I was given Bit Defender's internet security. However there was no expectation of me writing about the group and all opinions are my own.

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