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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Meet My Friends: Part Thirteen

I originally met Melodie of Pink Cupcake Vintage a few years ago when she and my husband were in a show together in Nashville. A year or so after that I got to be in a show with her and so enjoyed getting to know her better. After that we would run into each other from time to time at theatre functions or around town (we saw Nicole Kidman at the movie theatre while chitty-chatting in the lobby!) and we'd always say "we need to get together." But as often happens, life would get in the way and we never did.

Now I'm in Chicago, she's still in Nashville and we keep in touch via our blogs. I almost feel like we're in contact more now then we were when we lived in the same city! YEA internet!

I knew from the first time I met Melodie that she was amazingly talented and super-stylish and this guest post will prove that to you as well. And if that's not enough, she and her cute hubby have just opened a new business in Nashville, Tin Can Treats. If you're in the Nashville area and need something fun to make your next party pop, check them out!!

I get a lot of emails and comments from ladies who say shopping for vintage clothing is very overwhelming. I used to feel the same way, but with a lot of trial and error it is now my favorite way to shop! Here are a few tips to making vintage shopping easy.

1. Know Your Measurements

Once you know your measurements, not only is vintage shopping easy, but all shopping becomes easier. You will even find yourself brave enough to shop online! Unsure how to take your measurements? This article breaks it down and shows you exactly how. I now keep a tape measure in my purse at all times. Most of the time size tags are gone from vintage garments so take out your tape measure, stretch it over the bust, waist and hip part of the garment and compare it with your measurements. When you measure a garment on a hanger make sure you double it to know the final measurement.

2. Vintage sizing is different

If you are lucky enough to find a piece of vintage with a size tag, do not be fooled! Vintage sizing is really different from current day sizing. Meaning, clothes were WAY smaller. You know how everyone says Marilyn Monroe was a size 12. Well in current day sizing that would make here about a size 6. Again, always ensure a great fit by taking good measurements!

3. Don't be afraid of supportive undergarments

We all love the ease of casual clothing, but every now and then life calls for some drama! Most of the photos of vintage clothing you see had undergarments that made that outfit look that way. Don't be afraid to ask your vintage salesperson what they recommend to wear so you can achieve your desired look.

4. Know your body type

As you research different era's of vintage clothing, you will see that each era usually fits a certain body type. If you know your body type, you will have better success finding garments when you shop clothing from the corresponding time period. For example, I am curvy so most clothing from the 1950's and early 60's look the best on me. Not sure of your body type? Go here.

5. Find a favorite store

When you have a favorite vintage store, befriend the staff, and they in turn can help you find the vintage wardrobe of your dreams! Ask loads of questions and you will quickly see how passionate they are about the vintage items in their shop. Need help finding a store in your area? Visit here!

Happy Shopping!

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