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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Monthly Goal Update: July = Just Average

Well, it's almost September, so the update for July is a little late. But here ya go, more info on the goals.

  • Turn off the TV at night--We should really just give up on this one. We like our TV. What can ya do? FAIL
  • Date night with Ricky once a month--Ricky and I had 2 "official" dates in July--we went to Shrek at the Cadillac Theatre and we had an afternoon date one Saturday for a yoga class. We also had a family date when we took Little Ricky to see The Emperor's New Clothes. SUCCESS
  • No take-out/delivery--July was so long ago, but I think we did okay. Since I can't remember let's just say WORKS IN PROGRESS
  • Eating/cooking healthier--Still cooking healthier when I cook. But again, July was a while ago so WORKS IN PROGRESS.
  • Work out at least 3 times a week--We were doing really well pre-vacation, but we've had a hard time getting back on track since then. WORKS IN PROGRESS
  • Socialize with friends at least once a month--Another easy peasy month of friend fun. 4th of July lunch with friends, brunch potluck with my mom's group, b-day party for a baby friend of Little Ricky's, Chicago Summer Dance with friends and Mom's Night Out movie. SUCCESS!
  • Take more time with my appearance when at home--(Stealing last month's answer) Continuing to do better with this one Not a daily thing yet, but definitely working on it. WORKS IN PROGRESS
  • Clean up house before going to bed--(Another copy from last month) Still following through with this one most nights. SUCCESS
  • Deal with mail as it comes in--July went pretty well on this one, but wait until you hear about August!!! SUCCESS
In June there were 6 WORKS IN PROGRESS, 2 SUCCESSES and 1 FAIL. July (as far as I can remember) brought 4 WORKS IN PROGRESS, 4 SUCCESSES and 1 FAIL. Stay tuned, next week you'll hear all about August where I was so far off the wagon I couldn't even see it! I need a new word for FAIL! :)

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