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Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Story of Us

I saw this on the Pretty Random Thoughts blog back in March and thought "I want to do that." Well, it's taken 5 months, but here it is, the story of Lucy and Ricky!

1. What are your middle names? As we go by pseudonyms here, I'll skip this one.

2. How long have you been together? Our first date was July 1, 2000.

3. How long did you know each other before you started dating? We had only met the week before, but we had several mutual friends. Once we started dating we realized that we had been at the same parties, same restaurants, same auditions, but had never met. We had just been circling each other and didn't even realize it.

4. Who asked who out? He asked me out.

5. How old are each of you? I turned 38 (gasp!) at the beginning of this month. Ricky is about a year and a half younger than me at a babyish 36.

6. Did you go to the same school? Nope.

7. Are you from the same home town? No, I am from Amarillo, TX and he is from Corpus Christi.

8. Who is the smartest? We are smart in different ways. Ricky is really good with people and is amazing at his job, but he's also very methodical. I am a "quick" kind of smart. Either I get something right away or I don't and if I don't then I decide I don't need to know it. Ricky will study and ponder and think until he gets it. So I guess he's smarter. Damn.

But I know WAAAAAAYYYYY more celebrity gossip than him!

9. Who majored in what? I was a theatre major at St. Edward's University. He was a music education at Baylor for a year. Then he went to NC School of the Arts where he majored in flute performance. From there he got his masters from WTAMU in Interdisciplinary Studies (music, theatre, dance and speech communications.) He is smarter than me, isn't he?

10. Who is the most sensitive? That's a toss-up. He's definitely a softie when it comes to me and Little Ricky. I cry at books, movies, TV shows, commercials, when Little Ricky smiles at me, etc. So I think we're just a family of sensitive Sally's.

11. Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple? From TX we went to NY together. From Nashville we went to LA. Which is further? I don't do geography.

12. Who has the worst temper? Another toss up. I have more little hissy fits, but he stews and simmers and then BAM! One time I made him so mad he bit a hole in his shirt--that cracks me up! I've only seen Ricky super angry a few times during our marriage and it's not pretty!!

13. How many children do you want? We want the one we have!

14. Who does the cooking? Me primarily. Although he makes a mean Breakfast for Dinner!

15. Who is more social? When we first met, I would have said Ricky was more social. One of the things that I loved about him when we started dating was his sincere interest in people. He had an easy way about him that drew people to him and he seemed really at ease talking to new people. I, on the other hand, find most people annoying and it takes me a while to warm up to them. But now Ricky is a little stand-offish with new people. I think because his job requires him to be "on" and social so much of the time he no longer has the energy for chit-chat. I now seem to enjoy people more, so our roles have reversed a little.

16. Who is the neat freak? I am one of those perfectionist neat freaks which means the house is either perfect or a disaster. I can't do half-assed so if I don't have time to do something perfectly I tend to not do it at all. Ricky is a little more laid back. Good enough is good enough for him. I like perfect. Obviously I'm having to let go of that a little with a toddler running rampant through my home!

17. Who is the most stubborn? Me. I wish I could justify it or give examples of how Ricky is stubborn, but I can't. It's me. I'm stubborn.

18. Who wakes up earlier? Me. Ricky could sleep all damn day. It doesn't matter how tired I am, my internal clock won't let me sleep much past 7:30. After the last year with the baby I have gotten to a point where I can sometimes sleep a little later, but not all day. Of course, Ricky has insomnia so that kind of explains his ability to sleep the day away.

19. Where was your first date? First I went to watch Ricky teach a ballroom class, then we went to a restaurant called Gardski's. After that we went to a blues club and danced and then to a party at his house. It was a long (and good!) first date!

20. Who has the bigger family? He does. I have parents, 1 sis, 1 nephew. He has parents, 2 sisters, 1 brother-in-law, 1 niece and 2 nephews. He also has a ton more aunts, uncles and cousins than I do.

21. Do you get flowers often? Not really. I get them for the usual holidays (Valentine's, my b-day), but he's not a big flower guy.

22. How do you spend the holidays? We go in between our families houses on the big holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas) and spend the others at home. Now that we have Little Ricky we'll start making a bigger deal of those smaller holidays like Halloween, Easter, etc.

23. Who is more jealous? Neither of us are really jealous. I used to be jealous with other boyfriends, but I never really have been with him. I think we so implicitly trust each other that there's no need for jealousy.

24. How long did it take to get serious? We had our first date on July 1, by July 4 I knew I loved him, we moved in together in October, got engaged in November and married the following November. So not long. :)

25. Who eats more? We both like to eat!

26. What do you do for a living? He is the head of an arts school. I used to work in arts education and outreach as well as directing and acting, but now I'm a mom (my favorite job!) and the publisher for Macaroni Kid Chicago.

27. Who does the laundry? We each do our own. I'm really picky about mine gets done and he is not so it's just better for our marriage if we handle our own.

28. Who's better with the computer? I know blogging, Facebook, Twitter, but he knows more "real" computer stuff.

29. Who drives when you are together? We take turns.

30. What is your song? Cheek to Cheek by Fred Astaire

So there ya have it, Lucy and Ricky's love story in a nutshell. I'd love to know about you and your sweetie, so let me know if you post this too!

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