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Friday, August 27, 2010

What We're Reading : August

We bought Dart & Dive for Little Ricky while we were on vacation. A book about the creatures in the ocean seemed appropriate since we were at the beach. Each page has a different sea creature hanging by a ribbon so when the book is completely unfolded you have a mobile of fish, submarines, whales, etc. Very cute!

With simple, but great illustrations and textures, these Touch & Feel books by Dwell Studio have become instant favorites in our house. Little Ricky loves to scratch the sandy ground under the chickens in Farm and to look at the shiny lights in Town. We will definitely be adding more Dwell Studio books to our library.

But Not the Hippopotamus is written and illustrated by Sandra Boynton, so of course it has cute rhymes and illustrations. But this book also has a message that I hope Little Ricky will understand and take with him into the world as he gets older. Don't let fear or nerves hold you back; jump into life. YES the hippopotamus!

Another great Sandra Boynton book. This humorous book helps little ones learn animal noises. As Little Ricky can now "MOOOOO" when asked "Cow says???" we've been reading Moo, Baa, La La La! a lot lately.

As the bunny questions his friends on what makes a rainbow, each page turn brings a a new brightly colored ribbon until at the last page you have the entire rainbow! What Makes a Rainbow is a great book for introducing colors to kiddos.

And now for a little mommy reading! I LOVE Kathy Griffin--her stand-up is hilarious, her reality TV show a must-see, so naturally I had to read her book. Official Book Club Selection was not as funny as I expected, but I wasn't disappointed. Kathy (I know if we met we'd be friends, so I can call her by her first name!) is really open and revealing about family secrets, the demise of her marriage, her struggles with body image as well as her climb to the D List. Highly recommend this one to all Kathy fans!

Quite possibly the best book I've ever read, Operating Instructions should be required reading for every new mom. Anne Lamott's honest, heart-wrenching, hilarious take on stumbling her way through motherhood rang so true with me and just reminded me once again what an amazing club I'm in now that I'm a mom. Can not say enough good things about this book!

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